150lbs-160lbs paddler.......what canoe works best

I know this is a pretty broad question that will get all kinds of different answers. Just trying to bring up some conversation which intrests me since the forum seemed to be a little slow this year. I know it all depends on the paddler and how he likes his boat fined tuned to his stroke, but in your opinion, What canoe is the best (in your experiance) for a 150lbs-160+lbs paddler. I never got a chance to try out the Fuze and the Pegasus, but did like the Vantage. By the way, I own a Polaris. It's pretty big, but light and surfs great. I'm just considering in the future on getting something that suits me better. Especially when paddling up wind in 20 mph winds. "buggah is tuff to move!"

Alohas and keep on pull'in!

Submitted by tango on Wed, 01/19/2005 - 7:17pm

Hurricanes are the proven small boat, they are just trickier to surf downwind. Pegasus seems to be good too and the fuze is new but will probably be good. Vantage is definitely good but a little bigger than the hurricane. Vantage is easy to surf and a much smaller boat than your Polaris.

#1 Thu, 01/20/2005 - 7:51am

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