Hoe Horo OC1 OC2 Racing Series

Feb 23 - Hoe Horo Race 4 - Sydney, Australia

Sydney has a wet weekend in the series fourth race.
***Greg Long out surfs the competition in mens oc1
***Kiri Hunter wins womens oc1
[Story & Photos]
[Series Leader Board (w/results)]

Feb 9 - Hoe Horo Race 3 - Australia

Read more for full results, story and photos.
***Leigh Wilson wins Mens div with big lead
***Jenny Bateman 1st in Open Women

Jan 19 - Hoe Horo Race 2 - Cronulla, Australia

An article with photos. Results & Leader Board here
***James Love & Amanda Wyllie lead in open divisions in race 2

Dec 8 Hoe Horo Race 1

Photos /Recap and Results , from Cronulla, Austrailia. More info here

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