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Race Around the Hat 2014

Jul 6 2014 7:30 am
Event Description: 

As of 2014 the Race Around the Hat will no longer take place in September. The event has grown and generated enough interest that we have decided to move RATH so it is in alignment with the V1 racing calendar used throughout the pacific. The next Race Around the Hat is scheduled for Sunday July 6th, 2014. Traditionally the July 4th weekend is an open weekend on the paddling calendar since the Mcfarlane regatta takes place on July 4th itself. This date avoids conflicts with long distance season and the high school athletic calendar altogether. Additionally this new date will allow us to qualify paddlers to race in the Aito races of Tahiti, generally considered the long distance world championships of V1 paddling. For 2014 the HVA will send a minimum of three paddlers from Hawaii to compete in Te Aito of Tahiti. HVA will sponsor as many paddlers as possible.

EDIT: due to our inability to find sponsorship for everyone's airfare we will not be giving away tickets to Te Aito. BUT, we did get part way to our goal so all the money we've raised thus far will be put into a super fun race, tons of prizes, AND for the first time we will offer cash prizes for the adult categories. Due to Hawai'i state amateur athletic rules we are not allowed to give away money to high schoolers as it could jeopardize your amateur athlete status. That said you'll still get lots of cool stuff if you're under 19 and you can still race for FREE!

Race Around the Hat 2013

Sep 7 2013 8:00 am
Event Description: 

Remember, loaned canoes are given out in the order that participants register, so get on the list right away! If at all possible please pay your entry fee online. This makes race day run much more smoothly and let's us get the racing started sooner! If you have already registered and paid your entry through the old 2012 link we have you registered. Thanks!

If you wish to register as an ADULT click this link. https://keizo.wufoo.com/forms/hva-race-around-the-hat-2013-registration/

If you are under 19 and want to register as a JUNIOR click this link.

HVA Race Around the Hat

Sep 8 2012 8:02 am
Event Description: 

The original and best rudderless canoe race in Hawai'i returns for it's fourth annual edition!

New to our family of sponsors this year is Pure Paddles. The prizes this year are gonna be great! In case you've never been to the Race Around the Hat, everyone that races gets breakfast, lunch, a jersey, and at least one raffle prize. This race is the best bang for you buck in paddling! Most times people who don't even race get to home home with prizes...
Also new to our race sponsors is Hawaiian Canvas! They've generously offered to donate TWO custom canoe covers as raffle prizes. Awesome!

Race Around the Hat

Sep 10 2011 8:01 am
Event Description: 

Third annual Race Around the Hat at Kualoa Beach Park.

Event to include two races per division with the fastest total time being the winner. There are no heats this year. The race will feature a short prologue for each division (men, women, juniors, etc) and a longer final race for the championship. As always we will try to coordinate loaner canoes for those who do not own a rudderless and the race will somehow go around The Hat.

HVA Rudderless Fun Run

Jan 2 2011 9:00 am
Event Description: 

Exact location to be determined 4 days before the Fun Run and will be based on forecasted weather conditions. The Ocean Playground Shuttle has been reserved. Shuttle will meet us @ 9 am to load up at chosen finishing point then drop us off at the start point.

HVA is pre paying to reserve the shuttle but each paddler must bring pay their own shuttle fare of $10. Paddlers are required to make arrangements for their own canoe as HVA will not be providing canoes. The shuttle is able to hold 17 canoes/paddlers and is first come first served. After that paddlers will have to set up their own rides.

The location of the run will be chosen to allow for the best possible surfing run. Length of the run will be between 6 and 10 miles. Again this will be a rudderless only fun run... let's go!!!

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