Kanaka Ikaika

Jan 18 - Manny Kulukulualani, 1st in Kanaka ikaika race two

[Results] (the short & long course results are mixed)
[Y2Kanu Photos] courtesy Rick Leton

Kanaka Ikaika 2004 Series Schedule

[Kanaka Ikaika Schedule] posted up over at kanakaikaika.com
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May 18 - Karel Jr. & Spalding 2003 Oiwi Molokai World Champions

***Karel Tresnak Jr.(HI), OC1 1st 3:51:32
******Kai Bartlett(HI), OC1 2nd 3:52:57
***Lauren Spalding(HI) 1st Womens OC1 4:30:00, 19th Overall
******Dane Ward(HI) 2nd Womens OC1 5:01:37
***Oscar Chalupsky (S. Africa) 1st overall, Surfski div. 3:28:33 also his 10th 1st out of the 11 times he's entered.
***Kristy Holmes (Aus.), Womens Surfski 1st, 4:22:25
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[Photos by Y2Kanu] courtesy Rick Leton
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[More Photos] courtesy Luke Evslin
[Pacific Paddler Photos] courtesy Ropati

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