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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a lightweight XML format used to distribute web content, but that's technical jargon and not at all what matters. RSS is a way to save you time, it's a way to stay updated with new information on websites you visit. If you're like me and check a few websites daily, then RSS can save you time, and if you don't want to save time, it will allow you to read far more websites in the same amount of time. If you read 3 sites daily, with RSS you could easily read 30 sites. If you check OCPaddler 20 times a day looking for updates, with RSS you can be notified right when there are updates. I'm not discouraging you from visiting 20 times daily, please keep doing that, but please be aware that RSS can greatly enhance your Internet experience.

How can I use RSS?

RSS feeds are typically read with a 'News Reader' or aggregator program similar to an email client (like Outlook Express). I suggest NetNewsWire for Mac users. I'm not a Windows user, but Feed Demon and Feed Reader (free) seem to work well. Let me know ( if you think there are better ones.

You can also add feeds to you My Yahoo Page, Personalized Google or similar online aggregator. Feeds:

Copy any of these links and add them to your feed reader.

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