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Aloha, spirit, mind, and body... family and friends... health and wealth, and the aina mauka to makai... Hawai'i nei!

Town - Hilton Lagoon to Diamond Head/Maunalua Bay to Kaimana
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I work at Surf Line Hawaii's - Ocean Life Style Store. We carry OC accessories like canoe plugs, leashes, canoe and ama travel bags, VEST PAC Hydration packs, rack pads, straps, waterproof music boxes, HD waterproof sport cameras, ONIT PRO wax, and more. We also carry canoes from KAI'WAA, KAMANU COMPOSITES, PSI/FOTI BROS, JAY DOWSETT, OUTRIGGER CONNECTIONS, AND TIGER CANOES.

When it comes to food... anything macrobotics. Which are foods (fruits, vegis, fish, chicken, etc.) grown within our region and in its natural season. I like to buy local and/or at farmer markets. I stay away from preservatives, fake colors, artifical flavors or sweetners like aspertame, checmical pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMO/Monsanto. Aole pilau kine stuff!


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