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Karen Mirlenbrink

Paddling, duh! I also have a lot of fun home-brewing my own beer, spending time on the water with my surfskiing husband Rob, playing with our pug dogs, spending time with friends and teammates, and chilling at the beach.

Dunedin, FL
Age or division
28 y/o
More about me

I am a Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructor, as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (and have a BS in exercise science). I love my job, and find fullfillment in helping people reach their full potential. I know how to train, and a lot about the human body, feel free to ask my a question!

Paddling Profile


Well, I am one of the only ladies in Florida to paddle in open, rough water. Florida races don't mean much on the scale of things, but I pass a few guys every race :) I hope to do a REAL race soon! I also am the Captain of the Kai Aniani Wahines.

My canoe(s)
Hurricane OC-1
Kai Aniani Canoe Club - Clearwater Beach, FL
Started paddling
Competively 9 years ago, first surfskis - now canoes!
In my paddle bag
Wax, alan wrenches, vasoline, sunscreen, and lip balm


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12 years 29 weeks
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