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Wahine's Passion For Life
Paddling, Surfing, etc...

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More about me

College Graduate
Work in the Health industry.
Traveled the world for work.
Love the beauty of the islands and the ocean.
Just love mother nature's beauty but fear her too ;)

Age or division

Have a passion for dancing and watersports.
Esp. paddling.
I love to travel and learn new things.
Esp. activities such as rock climbing, fencing, horseback riding, etc.

Paddling Profile


Vice President 2009-2010 for Kai Elua OCC
4th place Duke Kahanamoku MDR Iron Novice Women's crew (Overall 4th place crew holders during Iron season)
3rd place Las Vegas Regatta Mix Open Crew

Finalize ROXY Longboard Classic San O. 2005
6th & 2nd place PBSC Longboard Summer Wahine AM Contest 2005 & 2006
Overall 2nd & 3rd place AM Longboard Wahine 2000- 2004 SWC competition
3rd place Santa Barbara Mix Masters Crew

Medalled in the past with Hula, Tahitian, Soccer, Swimming, Marital Arts, and Dirtbiking AM (amateur) competitions.

My canoe(s)
Trained in a Hurricane (OC1)
CALIFORNIA: 2002 Hanohano OCC ; CCAC until 2007 recreational paddling instructed/coached by awarded winning paddler; 2009-2010 Kai Elua OCC; HAWAI'I 2010 Keala OCC; 2011 Windward Kai CC (Regattas) 2011 North Shore CC (Long Distance)
Started paddling
2002 until present
In my paddle bag
My two hybrid Kiaola blades, wax, electrical tape, gloves, Cliff Bar gel shots, Gu :) ,sunblock, hat and pareo ;)


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9 years 11 weeks
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