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Paul Coffman
More about me

Full service web design, graphic design, hosting and SEO firm in Honolulu. Great google guys, e-commerce developers, fun geeky stuff I do while wishing I was in the water.


Paddling, surfing, wake boarding, my dogs, sushi, my 69' Bronco, motorcycles, travel, you know, the usual stuff.

Kaimuki, Oahu
Age or division
Men's Novice A

Paddling Profile

My canoe(s)
Whatever Uncle Nappy tells me to get in and paddle.
Anuenue in Waikiki
Started paddling
2 years
In my paddle bag
a 49" Kialoa Lanikai, a 51" Kialoa Lanikai for outrigger and a Kialoa Nalu for my SUP.


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9 years 15 weeks
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