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Asio flammeus

Giving a good hoot hoot, Ruffling my feathers when people talk about me, Doing Hawaii Kai runs, Anywhere i can get some credit

Mountains of Hawaii
Age or division
3 human years, what is that in bird years?
More about me

I am the only native owl in Hawai'i (the common barn owl was introduced in the 1950's as rodent control). Most active at dawn and at dusk (and sometimes, at mid-day), I have large eyes that allow them to hunt in dim light. In fact, the eyes of owls are so large, relative to their heads, that I can't look from side to side; that's why owls have such flexible necks.

Soft, specialized feathers help me to hunt in silence. Besides rodents, I also eat insects and rarely, birds in open, grassy fields and dry forests.

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Turning an average Joe into a popping ama bro!

Started paddling
U mean flying?
In my paddle bag
two wings....53 feathers to be exact
My canoe(s)
come on, is that really a question?


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