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Real Name
Tony Velasco
Age or division
Lynden, Washington

Paddling Profile


Nothing special. Lots of middle of the pack racing, with top finishes in larger races around 10th out of 20 to 30 boats in my class, top 5 in races of 10-15 racers, both OC-1, and OC-2. I am a very heavy paddler, and it's not frame or muscle, so that keeps me from being more competitive. I have a lot of fun racing anyway! It's great exercise! I captain 3 multi-sport racing teams, top 3 finishes in large multisport races.

My canoe(s)
Huki V1-Z, Tandem-Z; Clipper Canoes Jensen 18' rec kevlar, P-3 kevlar racer
Whatcom Paddlers, Sound Rowers, CORA, PNWORCA
Started paddling
6 years ago, 2001
In my paddle bag
ZRE Power Surge Light


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15 years 35 weeks
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