*Updated: January 12, 2008* has become a recognized outrigger paddling website that receives thousands of page views each day. Paddlers from around the world visit for results, photos, videos, and an active community forum. Reaching out and communicating with the outrigger paddling community has never been so easy as it is today. If you're products are for paddlers, this is the perfect place to spend your advertising dollars.

### Large Format Banner Ads

Excellent for brand building, new products, or general company exposure. These are large photo quality banners seen on the top right of each page. Only one is shown per page. Many thousands of views, often over 100,000 page impressions per month. Limited number of Advertisers per month to maximize exposure for each one. Ads run on a monthly basis. Please contact if interested.

### Text Links

Simple text links are found on every page of OCPaddler. We are exclusively offering these types of ads through Google's Adsense/Adword network. You can start, stop, or change you advertising budget whenever you please and know for sure that you are reaching the outrigger paddling community. To do this, sign up for Google Adwords and follow these steps:

1. Log in to your AdWords Standard Edition account at (if you're not already logged in).
2. On the Campaign Summary page, find the table titled Online Campaigns.
3. Click Placement-targeted in the 'Create a new campaign' section at the top of the table.
4. Follow the sign-up wizard instructions to create your campaign.
5. Enter when asked for url placement.

### Questions?

email Keizo

Posted by keizo on Wed, 10/29/2003 - 12:53pm

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Aloha Keizo,

            I have been kicking around some ideas for a business in the outrigger industry in Hawaii and would like to know how much it would cost to place a banner much the same as Kia has on here this month ? can bannes have moving video as well ?just a few phone number here in Hawaii is 808-628-8700 my name is Eddie

#1 Thu, 02/28/2008 - 11:07am

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