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Website Update

If you've ever tried to make a new account or request a new password and the email never came, super sorry! Please give it another try. The automated email system has been malfunctioning for a good percentage of people, enough that it's limited some new people from registering and a few old timers from getting back on here. We've reconfigured the mail servers. As far as I know, all emails are making it through now. We're also on a new faster server that should be a bit more reliable.

Various site updates

  • The video page is functional again.
  • The popular page is working again (under the more link).
  • There has been some reorganization on the forum page. Most notable, when you have a video to post, click the 'post video' button and that thread will be added to the video page as well.

Unable to login or get a password?

It's been fixed. If you still face issues receiving a password or recovering a lost password after Friday 3/19/10, please email me: keizo@ocpaddler.com.


The site backend has been updated.

OCP user account issues

For anyone who registered an account or was trying to get a new password for an existing account in the past 3 weeks, sorry. In moving OCPaddler to a new server there was an unforeseen problem that didn't allow OCPaddler to send emails. So no new accounts have worked in the past three weeks and anyone who forgot their password couldn't get a new one. Things should be fixed now and you can now retrieve your password here.

OCPaddler in '08

Just a few quick updates about the website.

  1. Advertising is available on this site. See the advertising page.
  2. About six months ago we ran a survey asking for feedback on the website. For everyone who responded thank you very much. There were some insightful comments that will definitely be taken into consideration for future improvements. For anyone who didn't respond, you can still take it if you want.
  3. So with all the feedback, why are there no improvements lately? No excuses here. I will say that the next major revision to the site will extremely in depth. Several months of work have already been put into rebuilding the site from the ground up, but it will take quite a bit more. The goal is make handling of results from more races and more places easier and to improve the community and interactive features throughout the site. This will happen in 2008.
  4. Happy New Year.


Keizo Gates

Site Downtime

OCPaddler will be going offline for a short while at 11 pm HI Standard time tonight. Don't plan on writing any long posts at that time. Will be back to normal by morning.

How can we make this site better?

Aloha Paddlers,

OCPaddler.com has been up for almost five years and we are thinking hard about how to improve it. If you can answer a few questions, it would help out a great deal in making the next five years even better. Thank you.

Keizo Gates

oops, I broke it.

I was working on the website Tuesday and managed to break half the site. User logins, link page, Videos, Classifieds, The event calendar, search box and canoe clubs pages may not work. My bad. Sorry for any inconvenience. Things should be back to normal within a few days.


At least I can make a website go fast

Never mind a canoe. I made some database tweaks (mysql query caching) and enabled http compression tonight. The result is a slightly faster page generation time and a much smaller page size transfered between the server and your computer. Or summarized in four words: the website loads faster!

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