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Manu Ura Va’a France is an outrigger canoe club, federated by the FFCK (French Canoe and Kayak Association) organize an open V1, V1R and OC1 competition on Saturday, the 3rd of July 2010. This OC competition, unique in Europe will take place around the beaches of Mourillon and its surroundings. The 35 km long distance race is a test for experienced paddlers, those who’d like to go above their limits and simply those who want to enjoy themselves.
This race’s goal is to promote outrigger canoe racing in France and internationally.

Security boats will assure the safety of the paddlers during the entire race and will come to aid of paddlers having difficulties.

Paddlers can have no help for their food supplies during the race. However, organized by the club, there will be two check points with food and water. The first, by a security boat that will be placed next to « Fourmigues Island » and the second at « Salettes », direction Carqueiranne. (see plan)

The race is held under the regulations and security measures of the French Canoe and Kayak Federation (FFCK). All paddlers must be equiped with :

  • Life jacket : It must meet the French Standard of 70 newtons.
  • 10m meter security tow cord
  • Emergency paddle secured on your boat
  • Whistle and any other means of SOS signals, flare gun …
  • Skirt

Requirements :
Paddlers need to be or be turning 19 years old between the 1 September 2009 and the 31 August 2010.
All paddlers should be physically able to compete the day of the competition and a form garanteeing the club that you have the level to race will be asked for you to fill out, as well as, a certificate of your personal insurance covering damages that you accidently could occur others.
If you are not a FFCK member, you will be asked to subscribe to an open card, insuring you during the competition.

Participations fees are 50€ per paddler. This includes :
- race tee-shirt
- right to race
- insurance
- meal after the race

Inscriptions need to be made at least 30 days before the competition, for better organisation.

The race route is joined with the racing rules, annex D. A second route is scheduled if the weather conditions act up.

The association Manu Ura Va’a has the right to change, to postpone or to cancel the race if the weather conditions are hazardous for the paddlers.

The winner of the race will receive a trophy that will be kept by Manu ura va’a.

The second and third place winners will receive individual awards.
The trophies will be given out at the awards ceremony by the organizing club, after all times are officialized.

The airline ticket for the « IRON MANA » competition in December in Bora Bora will be raffled between all paddlers in V1, V1R and OC1 that finished the race. Paddlers that crossed the finish line with a kayak or surfski are considered as guests, as there is not a category for them in the IRON MANA.

Orofero Challenge Schedule

Friday 2 July 2010
2 p.m. Paddler reception at « Anse Tabarly » Mourillon Beach, Toulon, France
Confirm inscriptions
Weigh-in and boat control

Saturday 3 July 2010
6 a.m. Paddler reception
7 a.m Briefing
7 30 a.m. Benediction
8 a.m. Race departure
12 a.m. Meal for paddlers at Mourillon Beach
3 30 p.m. Race results
7 p.m. Awards Ceremony followed by raffle
8 p.m. Gala animated by Tahitian dancers at Mourillon Beach

More informations on our website http://www.manuura-vaa.com

Orofero Challenge 2010

Place : Toulon (France) Date : Saturday 3 july 2010

Manu Ura : 224, rue du Général Audéoud, 83000 TOULON

Phone :
Email : manuuravaa.france@free.fr

Name : Family : Date of birth :
Category Va’a : OC1 : V1R : Surfski : K1 :
Federal canoe card number : Federation : Expiration day :
Email :
Nation : Club :
Tee-shit size : S : M : L : XL : XXL :

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what is a V1R? is it a V1 that has a rudder?

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