rig a sail on a 4 men outrigger


I am very interested on setting up a sail on a OC4.
I am thinking on an old 6 sqm windsurf rig (triangular sail).

Any one has some experience about?
- How to fix the rig to te hull?
- is it possible to sail both directions (with the ama upwind ??)
- until which angle is is possible to sail upwind?

thank you for your advices

World Surfski Series - Allwave cup

Jun 10 2015 10:00 am
Event Description: 

The Allwave Cup is the first Mediterranean ocean race to include Outrigger, Surfski, Va’a and SUP categories! The event ethos is to promote a sporting and environmentally conscious lifestyle
is a good opportunity to participate in a World Cup race and spend a vacation in Italy.
in our site you will find all the information, if you need more information please contact us.

Home swap, home exchange - South west France


Did some one already use OCpaddler for this purpose ?
If there's a paddler (and his family) planning holidays in europe let's have a look...
I'm living in south west of France on the Atlantic coast, near the spanish border.
Close to the best european surf spots (Biarritz, Guéthary, Mundaka, Hossegor)
1 hour drive to Bordeaux
1/2 hour drive to spain, 1h 1/2 to Pampelona
2 hours to ski resorts during the winter saison (soon!! )
Surrounded by golf resorts (Biarritz(picture attached), Seignosse, Pau, etc...)

Outrigger Club in Italy?

Going to travel to Rome in July, anyone know of any outrigger club I can paddle with in Italy?




I just broke my steering paddle for an OC4.
Here in the Canary Islands, there is no market so it's very complicated to find gear.
At the moment, we will build a wooden one. hopefully it's not too heavy and strong enough.
Just in case, do you know any brand to whom I could order a STEERING paddle for OC4 surfing?
any tips or size advice?
Is carbon the best?


Paddling in Italy, does anyone know anything????

Paddling in Italy, does anyone know anything????

OC in Italy please

Hi i m a Miami paddler i m in Italy right Now and would love to find and Oc location, Lago di Garda is my next stop, anyone anything ?

OC2 ama configuration

Hi guys,
just a silly question about ama placement and size on various OC2.
Stingray : single size rear seat attached
Rafale and tempest : single size front seat attached
Oracle and many others : double size attached on both seats

Is it really different ? If so, what are the pros and cons, the changes in OC behaviour ?

team paddling and side changing

Hi guys,
just ran through an interesting video showing Cayucos races on youtube.

It's a 4 men canoe, without ama but paddles similar to ours and changing side also.
Some crews had a very special way of doing the latter :
Instead of changing alltogether on a "hut" sign, the front paddler changes, then the second, then the third, then the last one.

With this technique, you never get all paddles in the air at the same time, therefore the canoe is less prone to slowing down.
I tried it on an OC2, the difference was already obvious, I can't wait to try it on a 6 men !

OC4 Da Kai set up

Hi there,

We have a DA KAI oc4 (kamanu model).
1- I am wondering if it is well rigged.
We have put the ama on the right and as far as possible from the hull.
What will happen if we reduce the distance between hull and ama?

2- the hull is hollow and has 2 little hole just unter the back seat and in front pf the front seat.
I suppose that these holes avoid the hull to crack because of the dilatation of the air when it's hot.
When we have caught some waves, sometimes, the canoe got full of water and some water enters inside the hull
through those holes.

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