Apr 13 - Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a 2003 Championship - Kauai, Hawaii

This has been one of the best races yet!
***Kai Bartlett wins overall, David Beck top Kauai paddler
***Lauren Spalding wins womens div. Noe Sawyer, 2nd (top for Kauai)
[Photos] by Steven Gates
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By Mary Bartlett


Kaua‛i Hoe Wa'a Association


OC-1/OC-2 Kaua‛i Island
Championship race

 Perfect conditions prevailed  with
15 - 30 m.p.h. trades.  Sixty-five one person and two person outrigger
canoes turned out for a great run!  With the heavy whitecaps and strong
winds creating ideal, wild surfing conditions, this was the race of the season
leading to a super championship!  Most paddlers came through well in
the Kalapaki to Port Allen long course with Kai Bartlett from Oahu having
an incredible run finishing about ten minutes ahead of the next paddler. 
Second overall and first Kaua‛i finisher was David Beck of Hanalei who
was about two minutes ahead of Butch Keahiolalo from Kapaa.  In the women?s
long course Lauren Spalding from Kula, Maui had an impressive finish 
placing 8th overall and also about ten minutes ahead of the next
woman finisher, Noe Sawyer, from Kapaa!  Jackie Carswell of Kilauea rounded
out the top three overall women.  Paki Vaughn, also from Oahu, finished
first in the Poipu to Port Allen short course only a minute ahead of Steve
Baker from Hanalei.  Top woman finisher in the short course was Mary
Brewer of Wailua about two minutes ahead of Katy Otsuji of Kalaheo. 
Full results can be found below and at ocpaddler.com with more action photos.
All paddlers who participated are commended for doing well and surviving the
challenging conditions.

Hyatt Regency Kaua‛i at Poipu provided a
fantastic lunch thanks to the generosity of Gerry Gibson, General Manager. 
The Marriott Waiohai/Marriott Ownership Resorts provided the safety boats
and great trophies created by New Zealander craftsman Warwick Gray. 
We want to thank Dexter Jacinto and Warwick for always being there with the
safety boats.  Due to the extreme conditions, we also thank Kurt and
Mike Smith, as well as Nick Atkins for doing a super job helping those who
had boat problems and for making sure everyone arrived safely at the Port
Allen Fishing Club.  This fishing club has the best finish spot at the
end of one of the island's best runs, and with super members always willing
to help!  Summer Dillberg and Jackie Cachero make the races happen by
doing the registration, starts, and finishes and we really appreciate their
great work!  Of course we cannot forget Steve and Keizo Gates for their
awesome pictures and website that everyone looks forward to logging onto to
see the results!  And Jenny Fujita who has been very helpful in getting
us in the press.  We thank all of you and all of the enthusiastic paddlers
for making this season special! 

The next official race is the $20,000 2003 Steinlager
Kaua‛i World Challenge with the top paddlers participating from Kauai,
Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, California, Cook Islands, Tahiti, New Zealand
and the East Coast.  This is the first annual event which is expected
to grow and become one of the premiere OC-1/OC-2 races in the world because
of the fantastic scenery and conditions Kauai offers.  This event is
made possible because of the great support and generosity of Steinlager,
the County of Kaua‛i, Kaua‛i Visitors Bureau, and the Hawaii Tourism
Authority in addition to a number of wonderful Kaua‛i individuals and
businesses.  A water sports trade show will take place on Friday, April
25th at the Radisson Kaua‛i from 2 - 6 p.m. featuring the
newest OC-1, OC-2, four-man and six-man canoes as well as paddles and paddling

At 6 p.m. a paddlers meeting will take place. 
The public is invited to come on down to see the equipment and meet the paddlers.

Following the race on Saturday April 26th,
there will be a great party at Salt Pond Beach Park from about 2 - 6 p.m. 
Music will be provided by Tommy and Malia, Papa‛a Bay Boys, Revival,
and Rohutu. All Kaua‛i is invited to enjoy the great music and grinds
local organizations will have available for purchase.  Feel free to bring
your own beverages!  For more information on this fast growing
sport and the $20,000 2003 Steinlager
Kaua‛i World Challenge, please contact Tom Bartlett at 826-5503 or email
at  places@hawaiian.net

Long Course

Kalapaki Bay to Port Allen (approx. 18.5 miles)

           Name           Overall Plac       Time         Division
Bartlett, Kai                 1st          2:14:07       1st M Open
Beck, David                   2nd          2:24:41       2nd M Open
Keahiolalo, Butch             3rd          2:27:03       3rd M Open
Cole, Steve                   4th          2:27:04       1st M 40-49
Princena, Hipo                5th          2:30:29       2nd M 40-49
Deblin, Bret                  6th          2:31:05       1st M 30-39
Evslin, Luke                  7th          2:33:06       1st M 15-19
Spalding, Lauren              8th          2:33:55       1st W Open
Jumper, Leroy                 9th          2:34:50       2nd M 30-39
Goodale, Kawika               10th         2:40:42       1st M 50-59
Denton, Ken                   11th         2:41:21       3rd M 40-49
Fujita, Chris                 12th         2:42:03       3rd M 30-39
Acoba, Chris                  13th         2:42:12       4th M 40-49
Lett, Gordon                  14th         2:42:58       4th M 30-39
Sawyer, Noe                   15th         2:43:00       2nd W Open
Manuel, R./Hudson, D.         16th         2:46:35       1st OC-2/M
Atkins, F./Ishiki, M.         17th         2:46:46       2nd OC-2/M
Carswell, Jackie              18th         2:47:29       3rd W Open
Curtis, Katy                  19th         2:47:59       1st W 30-39
Lopez, Gene                   20th         2:51:52       2nd M 50-59
Hookano, S./Tabalno, J.       21st         2:52:22      1st OC-2/Mixed
Callahan, Mick                22nd         2:53:10       3rd M 50-59
Goodno, Margie                23rd         2:55:52       1st W 40-49
Chow, P./Austin, S.           24th         2:57:24      2nd OC-2/Mixed
Potts, Sale                   25th         3:00:23       5th M 40-49
Denton, Laurie                26th         3:03:49       2nd W 40-49
Grubbe, Tom                   27th         3:04:11       6th M 40-49
Asano, Jennifer               28th         3:09:51       1st W 20-29
Jumper, Robin                 29th         3:14:25       2nd W 30-39

Short Course

Waiohai/Poipu to Port Allen (approx. 8.5 miles)

           Name           Overall Plac       Time         Division
Vaughan, Paki                 1st          1:07:52       1st M Open
Baker, Steve                  2nd          1:09:00       2nd M Open
Wilcox, Gaylord               3rd          1:11:02       3rd M Open
Frasier, Paul                 4th          1:11:33       1st M 30-39
Kruse, George                 5th          1:12:23       1st M 40-49
Foster, Kelly                 6th          1:13:30       1st M 15-19
Gates, Keizo                  7th          1:13:45       2nd M 15-19
Oliver, Thomas                8th          1:14:05       3rd M 15-19
MacCready, Marshall           9th          1:16:38       2nd M 30-39
TenBruggencate, Jan           10th         1:17:19       1st M 50-59
Tokioka, Tommy                11th         1:17:22       2nd M 40-49
Celestino, Marshall           12th         1:18:27       3rd M 40-49
Yee, Stevan                   13th         1:18:52       2nd M 50-59
Chow, Arthur                  14th         1:20:28       3rd M 50-59
Kekuawela, H./Sandy           15th         1:20:30      1st OC-2/Mixed
Pettigrew, Richard            16th         1:24:04       4th M 40-49
Baxter, Greg                  17th         1:24:15       4th M 50-59
Brewer, Mary                  18th         1:25:49       1st W Open
Otsuji, Katy                  19th         1:28:06       2nd W Open
Evslin, B./Curammeng, J.      20th         1:30:14       1st OC-2/M
Stuart, Kimberlee             21st         1:30:36       3rd W Open
Spanski, David                22nd         1:31:18       5th M 40-49
Ward, Joe                     23rd         1:31:29       5th M 50-59
Bartlett, Tom                 24th         1:31:45       6th M 50-59
Hudson, Frankie               25th         1:32:20       1st W 30-39
Bartlett, Mary                26th         1:32:23       1st W 50-59
Aguilar, Mark "Sharky"        27th         1:32:32       3rd M 30-39
Lake, Laola                   28th         1:34:34       2nd W 50-59
Rita, Tony                    29th         1:35:51       7th M 50-59
Chow, Arthur, Jr.             30th         1:37:03       4th M 30-39
Horwood, Midge                31st         1:37:32       1st W 40-49
Deblin, Sara                  32nd         1:38:02       2nd W 30-39
Chow, Joy                     33rd         1:38:42       3rd W 50-59
Bandsma, Christine            34th         1:38:43       3rd W 30-39
Daniells, Diane               35th         1:55:56       2nd W 40-49

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