Jun 27 2008 3:00 pm
Jun 28 2008 5:00 pm
Event Description: 

Manu-Ura and Six-Fours Va'a welcome you to the 8th annual Orofero
Challenge competition, which will be in a two day event, the 28th and 29th of June 2008.
The Orofero Challenge perpetuates one of Polynesian most important and historic cultural traditions, while honoring outrigger canoe paddlers around the world.
The 92 km race for experienced paddlers is around the islands of Six-Fours and in Toulon are in two legs.
This race, like any other competition, tests ones physical and mental limits: strength, endurance, courage, determination and teamwork.
Outrigger canoe paddling is deeply rooted in the Polynesian culture. Polynesians travelled to nearby islands and fished in the open sea via an outrigger canoe. Polynesians used voyaging canoes to travel across the Pacific Ocean, exploring and settling in areas like Hawaï, Aotearoa, and Rapa Nui. The Polynesians established the outrigger canoe as a means of transportation in their new homes. Outrigger canoeing is the official team sport in Tahiti.
Orofero Challenge has become one of the most important va'a competition in Europe.


Friday 28 June 2008 37km 3:00 pm
Saturday 29 June 2008 55km 9:00 am

In the women's category, a distance of 69 km is proposed in two legs:

Friday 28 June 2008 25km 3:00 pm
Saturday 29 June 2008 44 km 8:30 am

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