Jan 18 - PNW-ORCA OC-1/2 Race 1 - Washington

Results & Some great photos
courtesy of Mari Anuhea from the 6 mile Lake Union Race.

photos from the race

Race results and standings for 2nd Annual Waikinikona/Seattle 6 mile Run to the Ballard Locks.
PNW Winter Series OC-1/2 Race Results:

1st   Riana & Adrian Storb   45:50        Double Schull           1st
2nd  John Mooney          53:50       OC-1 Men Open         1st
3rd  Mark Gooney           54:05       H.P.K. Mens        1st
4th  Calvin Chow             54:25       OC-1 Master Men       1st
5th  Bela & Bela Kowacs      55:11       OC-2 Master Men       1st
6th  Brian & Bianca Boatman  55:31     OC-2 Mixed          1st
7th  Randy Olsen           56:46        OC-1 Master Men       2nd
8th  Robert K. & Gordon M.  56:50        OC-2 Master Men       2nd
9th  Geoff Briggs            57:39        OC-1 Golden Master Men   1st
10th  Greg G. & Kristin T.    57:50         Mixed D.S.K.             1st
11th  Ina Talauemotu           57:55         OC-1 Mens Open       2nd
12th  Alan & Nathan Anderson  58:25    Mens D.S.K.        1st
13th  Andrew Krymen          58:50          OC-1 Mens Open      3rd
14th  Lori Jorgenson       58:55         OC-1 Womens Open  1st
15th  Jacque W. & Rose S.  59:30         OC-2 Master Women  1st
16th  Ray & Crew           100:20         OC-6                  1st
17th  Vince McGowan           101:20        Paddle Boat            1st
18th  Robin Sarner          101:25         OC-1 Master Men     3rd
19th  Boy Chun Fook            102:35        OC-1 Master Men    4th
20th  OC-12 Seattle OCC      102:58        OC-12                1st
21th  Pete Wylie-(3min late start)  100:10  OC-1 Golden Master Men  2nd
22nd  OC-12 KIkaha OCC     104:50        OC-12                2nd
23rd  Peter Newton         105:18        OC-1 Open Men       4th
24th  Dave Mooney         105:28        OC-1 Master Men     5th
25th  Duane Watanuki           106:50        OC-1 Master Men    6th
26th  Kristen Sihriver             109:40        OC-1 Master Women     1st
27th  Joan Scalon           110:20         OC-1 Open Women       2nd
28th  Marth Thomson            112:16        OC-1 Open Women        3rd
29th  Pat Ogawa            no time       did not finish 

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