Jan 19 - Port Allen to Waimea Race - Kauai, Hawaii

Photos & Results from today's race. Winners - Hipo Princena/Katy Curtis in Long and Thomas
Oliver/Jo Hookano in Short. Read more for article, results & photos.


Kaua’i Hoe Wa’a

Steinlager Series

Aston Waimea Plantation Cottages Race


January 19th, 2003The weather looked ominous with a large west swell forecasted.
Winds were suggested to build to 10-20 knots SW adding to the difficulty of
safe passage from Port Allen to the beach fronting Waimea Plantation Cottages.
Sunday came and we were blessed with light easterly winds and a swell that never
developed so it was off to Waimea Plantation Cottages! Forty-one canoes were
on the starting line of the long and short course with one canoe not finishing
due to a freak wave breaking the ama.

Other than this one incident, everyone made it safely getting some great exercise.
Hipo Princena came in first for the men in the long course and Katy Curtis was
first finisher in the women’s division. In the short course it was Thomas
Oliver in first for the men and Jo Hookano for the women. The number of OC-2s
is building, and that’s exciting to see. (complete results below.)

Aston Waimea Plantation Cottages provided a great finish with a large tent set
out on the lawn fronting the beach and swimming pool. Here they served an ono
hot lunch to some very hungry paddlers. You couldn’t ask for a more fantastic
setting. Although we lacked good tradewind weather, it was a perfect day thanks
to our sponsors and participants.

For more pictures on this race go to ocpaddler.com or y2kanu.com

Our next race is scheduled for Sunday, February 2nd with registration at 9:00
a.m. at Kukuiula Harbor in Poipu. For further info, call Tom Bartlett at 826-5503
or e-mail places@hawaiian.net.

                                Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a
                                Steinlager Series
                                January 19th Race Results
                                Sponsored by Waimea Plantation Cottages

                                  Long Course
          (Port Allen to buoy to Waimea Plantation Cottages approximately 9 miles)

              Name               Overall Place         Time             Division
Princena, Hipo                        1st            1:21:05           1st M Open
Hookano, Lucky                        2nd            1:23:19           2nd M Open
Evslin, Luke                          3rd            1:24:19           3rd M Open
Goodale, Kawika                       4th            1:25:41             M 50-59
Lett, Gordon                          5th            1:28:07           1st M 30-39
Botelo, Lot                           6th            1:28:09           2nd M 30-39
Curtis, Katy                          7th            1:31:19           1st W Open
Jumper, Robin                         8th            1:32:37           2nd W Open
Denton, Laurie                        9th            1:32:46           3rd W Open
Goodno, Margie                       10th            1:33:14           1st W 40-49
Hudson, Devon                        11th            1:33:29           3rd M 30-39
Otsuji, Katy                         12th            1:40:43           2nd W 40-49

                                 Short Course
                (Port Allen to Waimea Plantation Cottages approximately 7 miles)

Name                             Overall Place         Time             Division
Oliver, Thomas                        1st            1:11:24           1st M Open
Lopez, Gene                           2nd            1:11:34           2nd M Open
Gates, Keizo                          3rd            1:12:19           3rd M Open
Chow, Arthur                          4th            1:13:29           1st M 50-59
Celestino, Marshall                   5th            1:14:17           1st M 40-49
Spanski, David                        6th            1:16:29           2nd M 40-49
Pettigrew, Richard                    7th            1:16:57           3rd M 40-49
Rapozo, Joe IV                        8th            1:20:52           1st M 30-39
Hookano, Jo                           9th            1:21:11           1st W Open
Pembrook, Philip                     10th            1:22:02             M 15-19
Saronitman, Mucho                    11th            1:22:04           2nd M 30-39
Curammeng, Joe                       12th            1:24:13             Cruiser
Stuart, Kimberlee                    13th            1:24:48           2nd W Open
Struxness, Erin                      14th            1:26:21           3rd W Open
Horwood, Midge                       15th            1:26:40           1st W 40-49
Chow, Joy                            16th            1:26:50             W 50-59
Evslin, Lee                          17th            1:28:58           2nd M 50-59
Hudson, Frankie                      18th            1:29:02             W 30-39
Faye, Alan                           19th            1:29:51              M 60+
Daniells, Diane                      20th            1:33:04           2nd W 40-49
Asuncion, Patrice                    21st            1:34:44           3rd W 40-49
Wolford, Ray                         22nd            1:40:39           3rd M 50-59

                                OC-2 Short Course
Sasaki, Kyrin/Manuel, Raymond         1st            1:12:58            1st Men's
Robles, Donna/Fujimoto, Ashlee        2nd            1:20:10           1st Women's

                                OC-2 Long Course
Baird, Mark/Perry, Tom                1st            1:22:50            1st Men's
Tabalno, Justin/Hookano, Sanoe        2nd            1:23:22            1st Mixed
Gates, Dawn/Hall, Melissa             3rd            1:29:08           1st Womens'
Acoba, Fran/Acoba, Kaioli             4th            1:30:54            2nd Mixed

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