Kaua'i World Challenge 2009 Results

Photos by N. Evslin

Thursday Results (pdf)

    Time    Team Name                  Paddler 1           Paddler 2           boat typeDivision         Division Place
1   3:37:33 Team Pueo                  Jimmy Austin        Simeon Ke Paloma    Pueo     20-29 oc1        1
2   3:38:27 ching/carey                Danny Ching         Mael Carey          Pueo     20 -29 oc-1      2
3   3:39:00 Maui/ Manny                Maui Kjeldsen       Manny Kulukulualani Hiko     30- 39 OC1       3
4   3:40:34 Kai & Mike                 Kai Bartlett        Mike Judd           scorpius 30-39 oc1        4
5   3:44:45 napoleon/paiaina           Aaron  Napoleon     Kea Paiaina         Scorpius 30-39 oc-1       5
6   3:45:24 Cavemen                    Luke Evslin         Kelly Foster        Pueo     20-29 oc1        1st 20's
7   3:49:34 Wright/Van Gieson          Keola Wright        Alfred Van Gieson   pueo     20-29 oc1        2nd 20's
8   3:51:32 Abbey/Rodrigues            kAEO'O'KALANI Abbey Tyson `Rodrigues    Pueo     20-29 oc-1       3rd 20's
9   3:51:51 Gomez & Frazier            Mark  Frazier       Phillpe Gomez       scorpius 30-39 oc1        1st 30's
10  3:57:23 Makana/Makena              Makana Denton       Makena Fernandez    pueo     20-29 oc1        4th 20's
11  4:01:36 team kialoa                nick wendt          andrew  mcaleenan   hurricane15-19 oc1        5th 20's
12  4:02:59 KAILUA BOYS                JULIAN WICKER       JUSTIN WATTS        wave bladOC2 Men          OC-2 M
13  4:06:24 team 426                   Keizo Gates         Spencer  York       Pueo     20-29 oc1        6th 20's
14  4:07:04 TEAM PUEO                  PUNI FREITAS        KEKOA KAU           pueo     15-19 oc1        7th 20's
15  4:07:13 Kalei/Kamuela              Kalei Kahookele     Kamuela Lau                  20-29 oc1        8th 20's
16  4:11:49 Tyris/Aaron                Tyris Siale         Aaron Labuguen      pueo     20-29 oc1        9th 20's
17  4:12:16 Olukai Wainui hui          Scott Wagner        Kennie Denton       Wainui   40-49 oc1        1st 40's
18  4:13:22 Lauren & Andrea            Lauren Bartlett     Andrea Moller       Pegasus  20-29 oc1        1st Women
19  4:14:27 Cole/Nyle                  Steve cole          Nyle Warinner       Pahoa    50-54 oc-1       1st 50's
20  4:14:30 AJ & Tyler                 Aaron Irons         Tyler Hale          scorpius 20-29 oc1        10th 20's
21  4:15:18 Kuks Love Boat             Denise Morrison     Tony  Zina          wave bladOC2 Mixed        1st OC-2 Mix
22  4:16:33 Waikiki Beach Boys         Francisco Arango    Eddie  Steinmueller fuze     30-39 oc1        2nd 30's
23  4:17:01 Shipman/Flemer             Ray  Shipman        Ross Flemer         pueo     40-49 oc1        2nd 40's
24  4:17:32 Keli's Outrigger & Paddle SKelly Stevens       Sara Larkin         Huki     OC2 Mixed Masters1st OC-2 MixM
25  4:17:51 Carters/Kegle/Jumper       Brian Carter        Beth Carter         Stingray OC2 Mixed        2nd OC-2 Mix
26  4:18:48 Acoba/ Jumper              Chris  Acoba        Leroy Jumper        Vantage  40-49 OC 1       3rd 40's
27  4:18:55 PK Squared                 Katie Slocumb       Pat Von             stingray OC2 Mixed        3rd OC-2 Mix
28  4:21:19 Leggs/Togo                 Leggs yokotake      Togo Hermosura      Pueo     50-54 oc-1       2nd 50's
29  4:22:32 Miyake/Erwin               Keone Miyake        Scott Erwin         pegasus  30-39 oc-1       3rd 30's
30  4:22:34 M & M                      Mike Pemberton      Marshal Macready    Pueo     40-49 oc1        4th 40's
31  4:23:06 Butch/ Katy/Maika/Puu      Butch Keahiolalo    Katy Curtis                  OC2 Mixed        4th OC-2 Mix
32  4:24:25 Puuwai Mixed Masters       Jr.  Hoopii         Midge Horwood       Stingray OC2 Mixed Masters2nd OC-2 MixM
33  4:27:20 Niumalu Love Boat          Peter  Chow         Monique Imberski Chow        OC2 Mixed Masters3rd OC-2 MixM
34  4:28:07 Noe/Alana                  Noe Auger           Alana  Frazier      pegasus  20-29 oc1        2nd Women
35  4:28:17 Rod Clark-Eckhart Diestel  Eckhart Diestel     Rod Clark           pueo     50-54 oc1        3rd 50's
36  4:28:51 Aeas/Ho'okanos             Jo  Ho'okano        Lucky Ho'okano               OC2 Mixed Masters4th OC-2 MixM
37  4:33:11 More Slow Than U!          Dave Randall        Andrew Gomes        Pueo     30-39 oc1        4th 30's
38  4:35:43 McKee/ Nakamura            Jane McKee          Lori Nakamura       pegasus  20-29 oc1        3rd Women
39  4:36:25 Typhoon8                   Anna Mathisen       Andy Cummings       Kainalu  OC-1 Mixed       1st OC-1 Mix
40  4:37:14 goodale/morgan             Kawika  Goodale     Phil  Morgan        Wainui   60+ oc-1         1st 60's
41  4:37:26 chows/ sale/margie         Joy Chow            Arthur Chow         wavebladeOC2 Mixed Masters5th OC-2 MixM
42  4:37:53 Sur/ Lau                   Mike Sur            Kehau Sur           pegasus  OC-1 Mixed       2nd OC-1 Mix
43  4:38:31 Kojima/ Ferry              Grant Kojima        Scott Ferry         Zephyr   50-54 oc1        4th 50's
44  4:40:21 Jeane/Molly                Jeane Barrett       Molly Bishop        Pueo     20-29 oc1        4th Women
45  4:41:18 Nappy/Gene                 Nappy Napolean      Gene  Lopez         Hurricane60+ oc-1         2nd 60's
46  4:42:24 Bartlett/Landis            Tom Bartlett        Steve Landis        pegasus  60+ oc-1         3rd 60's
47  4:42:37 Team Rubie                 Christopher Rubie   Laurie Rubie        Pueo     OC-1 Mixed       3rd OC-1 Mix
48  4:44:43 Puakea/Toff                JOHN PUKEA          LAUREL TOFF                  OC-1 Mixed       4th OC-1 Mix
49  4:45:58 Tybo Poppin Squat          Tyson  Poppler      Bobbie  Poppler     pueo     OC-1 Mixed       5th OC-1 Mix
50  4:47:06 Higa/ Shim                 Sueo Higa           Neumann Shim        wainui   50-54 oc1        5th 50's
51  4:47:12 Kauwe/ McMullen            Chris  Kauwe        Garfield McCullen   Vantage  50-54 oc1        6th 50's
52  4:47:28 Rebmann/Koors              Coy Rebmann         Ken Koors           Scorpius 40-49 oc1        5th 40's
53  4:48:33 Lavery/ Kapa               Murray Lavery       Ben  Kapa           Hurricane40-49-oc-1       6th 40's
54  4:48:47 Andrea and Andrea          Andrea Messer       Andrea Wilson       Fusion   30-39 oc1        5th Women
55  4:51:50 Doughnuts                  Ele Johnson         Donald Jones        pegasus  OC-1 Mixed       6th OC-1 Mix
56  4:56:16 Maui Can                   Laurel Archer       Jacinta Sheridan    oc-2     OC2 Women        OC-2 W
57  4:56:19 Gilman/Stokesbary          Sarah Gilman        shen -lu stokesbary pegasus  30-39 oc-1       6th Women
58  4:56:28 Audree/Evan                Audree Bernardino   Evan Roman          pegasus  OC-1 Mixed       7th OC-1 Mix
59  4:59:20 Benzon/Petri               John Benzon         Eddie  Petri        Polaris  40-49 oc-1       7th 40's
60  5:01:25 otsuji/bartlett            katy otsuji         mary bartlett       pegasus  50-54 oc1        7th Women
61  5:03:28 Barreno/ bishop            Joe Barreno         George Bishop       Kamanu   40-49 OC 1       8th 40's
62  5:04:15 Haku/Colleen/Keith/Kari    Kahakualii KaiminaauColleen Kaiminaauao wavebladeOC2 Mixed        5th OC-2 Mix
63  5:04:21 Beth/ Taryn                Beth Kauwe          Taryn Lavery        hurricane40-49 oc1        8th Women
64  5:04:34 42 Below                   lisa kopacz         jennifer polcer              30-39 oc1        9th Women
65  5:07:00 Doc McDonald/Spansky       David McDonald      David Spansky       pegasus  50-54 oc1        7th 50's
66  5:08:03 Reich/McHenry              Andy  Reicht        Mike  McHenry       wainui   60+Oc-1          4th 60's
67  5:10:26 Brach/Young                Kathy Brach         Zach Young          pegasus  OC-1 Mixed       8th OC-1 Mix
68  5:28:44 Niumalu Women              leigh  drachman     Suzy  Olson         pegasus  OC1 Short-4 per  OC-1 short women
69  5:31:39 Clark/Parmenter            Mindy Clark         Dave Parmenter      hurricaneOC-1 Mixed       9th OC-1 Mix
70  5:40:16 Kalani/Kawika              Kalani Vierras      Kawika Carvalho     SUP      STAND UP 2 per   1st SUP team
71  5:50:21 Chris/ Mike                Chris Pico          Mike  Rodger        SUP      STAND UP 2 per   2nd SUP team
72  6:52:27 Kevin                      Kevin Horgan        X X                 SUP      SUP solo         1st SUP solo

            72 Total Teams

Posted by keizo on Sat, 04/11/2009 - 11:28pm



nice to see the zephyr in the mix - ha ha!

#1 Mon, 04/13/2009 - 9:03am

what is a hiko?

never heard of that canoe...

#2 Mon, 04/13/2009 - 10:02am

here is a picture of it


#3 Mon, 04/13/2009 - 10:14am

it is the redesigned Wainui

#4 Mon, 04/13/2009 - 12:49pm


it looks fast

#5 Mon, 04/13/2009 - 1:44pm


April 14, 2009

Austin, Ke-Paloma ready for the world

By dayton morinaga
Advertiser Staff Writer

A stunning win last weekend has made Jimmy Austin and Simeon Ke-Paloma contenders in a world championship race this weekend.

Austin and Ke-Paloma won the Kaua'i World Challenge relay race last Saturday. They completed the 34-mile course in 3 hours, 37 minutes, 33 seconds.

"For us to beat all those big names, really makes you feel good," Austin said. "But the way we did it — it was like the comeback of the century — makes it even better."

The Kaua'i race is for one-person canoes, also known as OC-1s. The course is divided into four separate legs, and each "team" consists of two paddlers. Each paddler must complete two legs.

Austin said he fell off his canoe minutes into the start of the first leg, and was several minutes behind the leaders by the time he got back on.

"I was so disappointed," he said. "But I kept going hard. I didn't want to let my partner down."

By the end of the first leg, Austin was in sixth place. By the end of the second leg, Ke-Paloma was in fourth place. By the end of the third leg, Austin was in second place.

In the final leg, Ke-Paloma surfed his way past Mael Carey for the win. Carey and Danny Ching placed second, 54 seconds behind Austin and Ke-Paloma.

"Jimmy is crediting me, but I'm crediting him," Ke-Paloma said. "When he came in (for the last leg), he put me in position. I only had to pass one guy."

Austin, 29, and Ke-Paloma, 20, are teammates for Outrigger Canoe Club. They have been training together — most days at 6:30 in the morning — since December.

"This is the hardest I've ever trained," Austin said. "Simeon is one of the young up-and-coming guys in the sport, so he pushes me to get out there and work hard."

Austin and Ke-Paloma will enter as individuals for Sunday's Steinlager Kaiwi Solo OC1 World Championship. The 32-mile race from Kaluako'i, Moloka'i, to Koko Marina, O'ahu, is considered the world championship of long-distance solo canoe paddling.

The top contenders from Hawai'i include Kai Bartlett, Mike Judd, Aaron Napoleon, Manny Kulukulualani, Maui Kjeldsen, Kea Pa'iaina and Tapa Worthington. And now, Austin and Ke-Paloma.

"Just last year, I considered most of those guys untouchable," Ke-Paloma said. "If I can even get top 10, I'll be happy."

Lauren Bartlett and Andrea Moller won the women's division of the Kaua'i race in 4:13:22.

#6 Tue, 04/14/2009 - 10:00am

Cool, nice results.

#7 Tue, 09/01/2009 - 12:45am

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