Butch Keahiolalo Starbucks Kaua'i Island Champ - Apr16

[Photos] by Makana Denton
The Starbucks Kauai Island Championships race was held this past April 16 on the south side of the island. Paddlers were stoked with excellent conditions and both courses got off to fair starts and finishes.

primary sponsor was Starbucks and we can't thank
enough what Sherri Rigg and Keoni Williams have done
for us. They set us up with enough funding to provide
a wonderful lunch from Mark's Place, as well as some
beautiful awards that were handmade by one of our
paddlers, Doneen Stokes. Starbucks also offered some
fabulous door prizes. Bobby of Kai Kane at Hanalei, a
longtime supporter of watersports on Kauai also
donated some great door prizes. Almost everyone went
home with something.

In giving back to the community, our association made
a $5 donation per paddler to the Kauai Food Bank Their
representative Judy Lenthall was present to gladly
accept the check and briefed us about the dire
situation on Kauai of those less fortunate that we

Events such as these are possible due to the
generosity of community sponsors such as these. It
also requires countless volunteer hours and many
thanks go out to the following helpers: Leiko, Basil,
Jenna and Kimberlee who did the timing and recording;
Makana Denton-land photos; Warwick and Dexter our
escort boat captains: last but not least those who
served as board members for the last year Chris
Fujita, David Goodale, Kimberlee Stuart, Margie
Goodno, and Laola Lake Aea. A few of these people have
come to the end of their terms, so start thinking
about how YOU might be involved next year as we will
have elections before fall.

Some other honorable mentions include a hats off to
Margaret Steinhardt whose indomitable spirit kept her
coming out for races on a fiberglass Naia! Also
Mucho's OC2 partner Trae, had never even been on a OC1
or OC2 in his life. Kenny Denton gave up his race pace
to take some action photos off an unstable surfski.
Some adventurous souls we had out there!

Now we look forward to seeing all of you at the
upcoming Expedia World Challenge on May 7th. So grab a
partner (or 3--don't forget there's a 4man relay
division) and sign up NOW!!!!

Long Course -Kalapaki to Port Allen approx. 20miles
(First 3 are open men)

1-Butch Keahialalo  2:25
2-David Beck  2:28
3-Mark Frazier 2:29

4-Hipo Princena 2:31  1st 40-49
5-Brian Carter 2:34  1st 30-39
6-Steve Cole  2:36  2nd 40-49
7-Eric Rafter  2:39  2nd 30-39
8-Jeff Weiss 2:40 3rd 30-39
9-Chris Acoba  2:41 3rd 40-49
10-Keola Potts 2:42  1st 20-29
11-Noe Auger  2:43 1st Open W
12-Chris Fujita  2:44 4th 30-39
13-Leroy Jumper  2:46 5th 30-39
14-Kawika Goodale 2:49  1st 50-59
15-Alana Goo 2:51  2nd Open W
16-Margie Goodno 2:55  3rd Open W
17-AJ Irons 3:02 2nd 20-29
18-Katy Curtis 3:03 1st 40-49W
19-Mary Bartlett 3:06 1st 50-59W
20-Mavis Aiu 3:11 2nd 40-49W
21-Mick Callahan 3:122nd 50-59
22-Cindy Grover 3:13 3rd 40-49W
23-Kary Otsuji 3:16 4th 40-49W

Short Course-Poipu Beach Park to  Port Allen -Approx.
10 miles

1st 3 finishers are Open Men

1-Kane Pai  1:12:29
2-Marshall McReady  1:14:04
3-Gordon Lett  1:15:32

4-Joe Rapozo 1:17:29  1st 30-39
5-Richard Pettigrew 1:18:18 1st 50-59
6-Greg Davis  1:18:40 1st 40-49
7-Donny Jones  1:19:55  2nd 30-39
8-Earl Simpson 1:24:02 2nd 50-59
9-Mike Pemberton 1:24:10 2nd 40-49
10-Laola Lake Aea 1:25:11 1st Open W
11-Laurie Denton 1:25:58 1st Surfski W
12-Tom Bartlett  1:26:03  3rd 50-59
13-Dave Spanksi  1:26:20 3rd 40-49
14-Aaron Labuguen 1:26:26  1st 20-29
15-Chris Kauwe  1:27:55 4th 40-49
16-Marshall Celestino 1:28:53  4th 50-59
17-Mark Macdonald 1:29:29 5th 50-59
18-Tracy Capman 1:32:32 2nd Open W
19-Lauren Denton 1:38:16 2nd SurfskiW
20-Kenny Denton 1:41:33 1st Surfski M- Photographed
along the short course -
21-Diane Daniels  1:44:46  1st  50-59W
22-Doneen Stokes 1:46:46 3rd Open W
23-Sue Scott 1:47:59 2nd 50-59W
24-Margaret Steinhardt 1:51:29 1st 40-49W (fiberglass

1-Robin Jumper/Sanoe Hookano 1:17:36
2-Mucho Saronitmen/Trae Mennard 1:27:01

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