Feb 2nd - Poipu to Port Allen Race - Kauai, Hawaii

Keoki's Paradise Kauai Hoe Waa race.

Great conditions , some bumps and a great time had by all except those who had boat or body breakdowns!...

Photos from the race.

by Tom Bartlett

Keoki's Paradise in Poipu did a fantastic lunch at their great place and Steinlager was there at the finish providing the thirst quenchers after a hot race!

New names in the winner's circle with Butch Keahiolalo first in the Long Course and Noe Sawyer - womens winner. Short course Keizo Gates and Kim Stuart first respectively Mens' Womens winners.

Some new faces this season with Steve Baker and David beck (winner of the first OC1 molokai Relay) showing up and David showing excellent speed. Time to get ready for the $20,000 Kauai World Challenge.

And speaking of the Kauai World Challenge, we are getting some great committments from Neighbor Island paddlers as well as some folks from Austrailia and California. It will be a great race so plan your trip. Whereever people are coming from, here is an opportunity to get your community involved to get together to get you here to represent them! Get the local pub involved! To help make it affordable many Kauai paddlers will be opening their homes to those who need a place to stay. You will need to rent a car (to get to each relay point) which can be a part of your air package. Right now, from the MAinland best prices to our knowledge are thru Expedia , and Pleasant (1800 2HAWAII). Other options will be listed as they become known. Interisland, call Robert's Hawaii or Rendevous Tours. Accomodations: Radisson Kauai is offering a special as is Wailua Bayview. Keep checking the site here at Y2KANU for updates or email Tom at Places @hawaiian.net. Be here April 26!

Next YMCA Steinlager Kauai Hoe Wa'a race Sunday 2/16 Long Wailua to Kalapaki, Short Hanamaulu to Kalapaki. Duke's and Steinlager. Reg. 9 start 11 am.Come for the fun. Contact Tom at places@hawaiian.net for boat, more info.

Steinlager Series

YMCA Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a

Safety, Participation, Competition
in OC-1s & OC-2s,

Keoki's Paradise Race

Long Course (Sheraton Poipu to Port Allen - 8 miles)

Name                    Place Overall      Time          Division
Keahiolalo, Butch         1st            1:09:10         1st M Open
Beck, David               2nd            1:10:45         2nd M Open *
Deblin, Bret              3rd            1:11:32         3rd M Open
Hookano, Lucky            4th            1:11:55         1st M 50-59
Lett, Gordon              5th            1:12:34         1st M 30-39
Jumper, Leroy             6th            1:13:12         2nd M 30-39
Evslin, Luke              7th            1:14:40         1st M 15-19
Goodale, Kawika           8th            1:15:16         2nd M 50-59
Baker, Steve              9th            1:15:25         3rd M 50-59
Lopez, Gene               10th           1:16:38         4th M 50-59
Atkins, Fred              11th           1:17:20         5th M 50-59
Hookano, S./Tabalno, J.   12th           1:17:28         1st OC-2 Mixed
Chow, Arthur              13th           1:18:09         6th M 50-59
Sawyer, Noe               14th           1:18:13         1st W Open
Denton, Ken               15th           1:18:45         1st M 40-49
Tokioka, Tommy            16th           1:18:46         3rd M 30-39
Hudson, Devon             17th           1:19:06         4th M 30-39
Callahan, Mick            18th           1:19:48         7th M 50-59
Botelo, Lot               19th           1:21:02         5th M 30-39
Yee, Stevan               20th           1:21:25         8th M 50-59
Acoba, F./Acoba, K.       21st           1:21:41         2nd OC-2 Mixed
Curtis, Katy              22nd           1:22:03         2nd W Open
Goodno, Margie            23rd            1:22:27        3rd W Open *
Denton, Laurie            24th           1:22:42         1st W 40-49
Jumper, Robin             25th           1:22:49         1st W 30-39
Barton, James             26th           1:23:13         6th M 30-39
Brewer, Mary              27th           1:24:02         1st W 50-59
Otsuji, Katy              28th           1:29:10         2nd W 40-49

Short Course (Kukuiula Harbor to Port Allen - 6 miles)

Name                    Place Overall      Time          Division
Gates, Keizo              1st            1:00:15         1st M Open
TenBruggencate, Jan       2nd            1:02:37         2nd M Open
Baxter, Greg              3rd            1:07:17         3rd M Open
Celestino, Marshall       4th            1:08:15         1st M 40-49
Rodriguez, Brian          5th            1:10:01         1st M 15-19
Pettigrew, Richard        6th            1:10:12         2nd M 40-49
Fujimoto, A./Robles, D.   7th            1:10:44         1st OC-2
Stuart, Kimberlee         8th            1:11:22         1st W Open
Ward, Joe                 9th            1:12:09         1st M 50-59
Hookano, Jo               10th           1:12:39         2nd W Open
Saronitman, Mucho         11th           1:13:06         1st M 30-39
Bartlett, Tom             12th           1:14:28         2nd M 50-59
Hudson, Frankie           13th           1:15:24         3rd W Open
Bartlett, Mary            14th           1:15:34         1st W 50-59
Curammeng, Joe            15th           1:15:48         Cruiser
Struxness, Erin           16th           1:16:04         1st W 30-39
Chow, Joy                 17th           1:16:52         2nd W 50-59
Horwood, Midge            18th           1:17:09         1st W 40-49
Bandsma, Christine        19th           1:19:26         2nd W 30-39
Bass, Charlie             20th           1:19:50         3rd M 50-59
Lake, Laola               21st           1:20:08         3rd W 50-59
Fernandez-Ventura, A.     22nd           1:21:13         3rd W 30-39
Daniells, Diane           23rd           1:22:26         2nd W 40-49
Wolford, Ray              24th           1:24:58         4th M 50-59
Asuncion, Patrice         25th           1:27:28         3rd W 40-49
Millington, Pete          26th           1:28:30         5th M 50-59
Britton, Lovey            27th           1:30:26         4th W 40-49

*These paddlers assisted paddlers in trouble and were placed
in the order they were when they stopped to give assistance.

Posted by keizo on Sun, 02/02/2003 - 9:42pm

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