Feb 1 - Chuckanut Classic, PNW-ORCA #2 - Bellingham, Washington

We had an excellent day up in Bellingham. The weather was just beautiful for us. We caught some sunshine and had some nice surf on the downwind portion of the course...

The course was about 7 miles, and fast on the second half. Made for some good racing. We had a total of 19 paddlers enter and it was good to see some of our Canadian friends. Peter Newton did a great job of organizing the race. It was a good course, nice park, plenty of food, and and he had some great raffle items ? a couple highlights - Kialoa donated one of there new fancy carbon fiber paddles and we had a $500 gift certificate toward the new purchase of a Kaku.

--Kristen Schriver

Here are the results


OC1 Masters
1. Randy Olson 1:02.00
2. Ross Creasy 1:08.44
3. Robin Sarner 1:14:09

OC1 Senior Masters
1. Brian Boatman 1:01.18

OC1 Open
1. Steve Bujdos 1:03.00
2. Peter Newton 1:04:24
3. Andy Krynen 1:05.20
4. Erik Gerstl 1:05.40
5. Mark Zollitsch 1:07.01
6. Dave Stefanchuk 1:11.51

1.Larry Bussingal 1:00.28
2.Jeff Hilburn 1:01.40
3.Robert Walsh 1:03.59
DNF Peter Marcus

OC2 Masters
Bela & Bela Kovacs 1:07.18

OC1 Open
1. Kristen Schriver 1:16.22
2. Jackie Wolbaum 1:16.24
3. Marth Thompson 1:18.21
4. Cathy Eason 1:26:22

Also, All of the women paddles are actually masters age, so everyone's just registering in the same category.

Posted by keizo on Tue, 02/04/2003 - 1:17am

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