Feb 15 - La Conner PNW-ORCA Race 3 - La Conner, Washington

Some photos are available courtesy Michael Lampi of Sound Rowers. Conditions for the PNW-ORCA winter series race 3 were overcast, cold, and windy! Read more for article and full results.
***Brian Boatman wins overall in outrigger div.

by Boy
Here is the results for the La Conner race this pass weekend.
conditions was really bad and dangerous. But in a way fun for us OC-1/2 paddlers.

Many other boats did not finish (16) and got caught in the wind or just stopped to be picked up by escort boats.

Anyway I got results off of Sound Rowers website. This organization is so awesome and I have to give Sound Rowers a BIG MAHALO for accepting us as their own!

Next Race in Ridgefield, Wa. March 1st, 2003

Full results including other paddle crafts available here

PNW OC-1/2 Winter Series Results for La Conner Race
February 15, 2003

Name OC-1/2 Time Division Results
Brian Boatman OC-1 1:09:27 Open Men 1st
Steve Bujdos OC-1 1:10:08 Open Men 2nd
Randy Olson OC-1 1:10:23 Master Men 1st
Mark Zollitch OC-1 1:12:11 Open Men 3rd
Kevin Cowan OC-1 1:12:58 Sr. Master Men 1st
Gordon Martinez
Boy Chun Fook OC-2 1:13:51 Master Men 1st
Ross Cheary OC-1 1:17:32 Master Men 2nd
Eric Gerstl OC-1 1:19:35 Open Men 4th
Jerome Cox
Barbara Cox OC-2 1:22:18 Master Mix 1st
Ina Talalemotu OC-1 1:23:14 Open Men 5th
Shauna Halferty OC-1 1:28:18 Open Women 1st
Jacque Wolbaum OC-1 1:29:40 Masters Women 1st
Bela Kovacs OC-2 1:52:38 Master Men 2nd

Andrew Krynen OC-1 DQ - No PFD

Posted by keizo on Mon, 02/17/2003 - 9:12pm

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