Mar 15 - PNW OC-1/2 Series Race #5 - Washington

Lake Sammamish/Sound Rowers Sponsored
6 Miles Conditions: Strong South winds, rough
***Brian Boatman w/4sec lead on Randy Olson

Controversy over finish line made Soundrowers officials DQ the first two OC-1's that pasted over. Because they did not cross the finish line from South to North coming from the West. But after discussing with all the paddlers involved we decided to give the first two canoes their positions. It was a dogfight amongst Brian Boatman, Randy Olson and Calvin Chow leading the race after the first lap.

Next Race March 29, 2003, Woodland, WA.


Name OC-1/2 Time Division Results
Brian Boatman OC-1 50:38 Open 1st
Randy Olson OC-1 50:42 Masters 1st
Calvin Chow OC-1 50:48 Masters 2nd
Mark Zollitzch OC-1 50:52 Open 2nd
Peter Newton OC-1 51:15 Open 3rd
Gordon Martinez/
Boy Chun OC-2 51:21 Masters 1st
Clint Cook/
Keith Jasmann OC-2 51:57 Masters 2nd
Ted Scherrer/
Thom Prichard OC-2 53:20 Open 1st
Kevin Cowan OC-1 53:25 Sr. Master 1st
Ina Talauemotu OC-1 54:09 Open 4th
Bela Kovacs/
Bela Kovacs OC-2 54:41 Masters 3rd
Steve Workman/
Bob Broom OC-2 54:51 Open 2nd
Dwight Otto/
Duane Watanuki OC-2 54:58 Masters 4th
Pete Wylie OC-1 55:10 G. Masters 1st
Jerome Cox/
Barbara Cox OC-2 55:25 Masters Mix 1st
Andrew Krynen OC-1 57:25 Open 5th
Mike Snyder/
Jaime Buckiewitz OC-2 58:19 Masters Mix 2nd
Jeff Lasley/
Sue Lasley OC-2 59:31 Master Mix 3rd
John Tejada/
Annie Hawkins OC-2 59:37 Master Mix 4th
Pat Ogawa OC-1 1:01:34 Master 3rd
Kristen Shriver OC-1 1:03:28 Master 1st
Jacque Wolbaum OC-1 1:04:38 Master 2nd

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