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Foti Bros. OC-1 Clinic

Mar 1 2008 2:30 pm
Mar 1 2008 5:00 pm
Event Description: 

Foti Bros and Outrigger Zone

OC-1 Paddling Clinic

Beach lecture and water application covering topics such as:
• Evolution of the sport
• Equipment and canoe care - from the rack to the ocean and back safely.
• Techniques – paddling, rigging, etc…
• Training
• Philosophy
• Questions?
Bring your canoe, but if you don’t have one or want to try a Hurricane we will have a few demos available.
DATE: Saturday March 01
TIME: 2:30 PM
LOCATION: Kailua Beach Park – Boat ramp side
Brought to you by Foti Bros. Hawaii and Outrigger Zone. Questions? 808 524-6677.

The Making of a Tongan Popao

Vaka is the Tongan word for small boat, obviously very close to the Hawaiian word, wa'a. However, vaka is not used for an outrigger is call a popao. For the last 6 months I have been in a remote southern part of the already remote Ha'apai Group of islands in central Tonga. I am on Telekivava'u, 40 acres of pristine islolated beauty. I can see 8 or so islands, all but two unhinhabited. One of the two has a population of 50, and the other, Fonoi, has a population of 100, and is about 7 nm away. This is where Ma'ake is from.... he spends most of his time though, on this island, Telekivava'u, living rather traditionally in his coconut fale, fishing and makafeke, the catching of octopus, feke (he'e), using the traditional rat lure made of a cowrie shell.... all from his dug-out popao.

Pedal Wa'a Modified OC1

I got to get me one of these canoes! Very cool project built by Clive Armitage of Cobb, Georgia, USA
Check it out over at Human Powered Boats

Albesia Surf Canoe Project on Kauai

Check this out.. "a documentation of our canoe building project in Mr. Crafts Industrial Arts and Crafts class at Kauai High School." It'll be fun to see how it surfs.

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