Outrigger Zone Kailua Bay Challenge

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The Outrigger Zone Kailua Bay Challenge lived up to the challenge: 20 - 25 mph winds and a solid 8 foot ground swell made for some exciting moments in the tumultuous Kailua water. The race was supposed to Start at Pinky's restaurant at the end of Kailua bay. However, the swell would have mulched half the field as they tried to navigate through Castle's. So the race started off Kailua Beach Park and traveled into Lanikai for near 2 miles. At Sandbag beach they paddlers rounded a buoy and went out past the Mokulua Islands to Mokolea Rock (Bird Shit Island). A number of paddlers got snuffed off their boats at the channel at the Mokulua Islands, but all made it out. The stretch to Mokolea rock was blue water and clean paddling. But when the field rounded Mokolea rock to head in towards Castle's and the finish at Pinky's, the water got shallow and green, which meant breaking bombs all around. Most paddlers managed to avoid getting picked off and all paddlers had one of the best 12 minute surf runs you could imagine.

Pat Dolan lead the OC-1 division from start to finish to make his record in the OC-1 so far 4-0. Jimmy Austin made his first Kanaka Ikaika debut finishing second place less than 2 minutes behind Pat. Up and comer Justin Watts finished a close third, making it known that he is hunting. The only two women to charge the long course were Nikki Radford and Ingrid Seiple, finishing first and second, respectively.

In the surfski division, Zsolt Szadovzski kept his perfect record alive as well with a minute and a half lead over Michael Beyer. Anna Mathison was the sole female surfski paddler on the course keeping the division alive.

Post race party and awards was at Pinky's. Mahalo to Outrigger Zone, builders of Hurricane, Tempest, Storm, and the entire line of Kai Wa'a canoes. Also thanks to Pinky's, Maui Jim, Scott Hawaii, Riviera Paddlesurf, Bud Light Lime and Planet Sun.

Next KIRA race is the HINANO - KIALUA Coastal Relay on March 09

See overall results at:

Posted by JimFoti on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 10:16pm


Perhaps of interest to longtime paddlers is the OC2 men's team that finished first in the short course race. Will Reichenstein teamed up with with his dad Willie to smoke all of the OCs entered. Willie is a very good friend and contemporary of mine from the old Off Shore days, which makes him about 900 years old. This must have been a very proud moment for both of them, as well as wife/mother Liz. Congratulations to the Reichensteins.

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