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Gel-Coat Cracks in oc1 canoes

What to do and what not to do when repairing your outrigger canoe.

Photos from Italy

Some great photos from daniele scarpa - Pres.te of Italian Federation FICPO (federazione italiana canoa polinesiana outrigger) and opinion maker of CanoaRepublic Outrigger Club located in Marina del Cavallino (Venezia), Italy. Here is their english site.

Basics of canoe materials

by Steven Gates -- a long time epoxy/composite boatbuilder, who has been repairing OC1s for the past 3 years. Steve will touch upon aspects of OC1 construction, maintenance, and repair. Steve will also welcome specific questions.

Albesia Surf Canoe Project on Kauai

Check this out.. "a documentation of our canoe building project in Mr. Crafts Industrial Arts and Crafts class at Kauai High School." It'll be fun to see how it surfs.

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