May 6 2010 7:00 am
May 8 2010 3:00 pm
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The Kauai YMCA Kauai World Challenge is scheduled to go on saturday, May 8th 2010. For more info go to www.kauaiworldchallenge.com

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May 6 Fun Run from Kalihiwai Bay to Hanalei Pier.

Great conditions, spectacular scenery! Mark Frazier chose not to race but set the buoys and made it a serious upwind challenge for the first mile. Then a fun 6 mile surf run finishing into the wind after turning around a buoy at Hanalei. Peter Dorries from AUS appered to have a good lead over local canoe builder Kelly Foster but got caught in the breaking surf allowing Kelly to catch up at the turning buoy. Good battle to the finish with Peter edging Kelly by 5 seconds. 3rd Matt Carter from AUS with Jodi Simpson (HAW) 4th, Danny Sheard (AUS)5th. In the ladies, Kristin Foster of Hanalei got a wave near the finish getting a good push ahead of Alana Frazier-Goo(HAW). Belinda O'Sullivan of AUS finished 3rd. 26 OC1s showed up for a fun warmup with paddlers also from Big Island of Hawaii, Canada and California. Other notable finishes were Kawika Gooddale of Hanalei at 60+ finishing 8th and Mike Balik of Arizona/Poipu at 65 years old finishing at 1 hour 18 minutes. Congrats to all who participated. Great Steinlager Pure was enjoyed following the "Fun Run." Complete results will be posted on the Kauai World Challenge site.

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