Flat, hot conditions for Kaua'i Race 2

The second race of the YMCA Kauai Hoe Wa’a season went off very smoothly considering the fluctuating weather conditions. Race directors Mark Frazier and Butch Keahialalo had their hands full and had to make a last minute course change.
The original courses were reversed with both races starting at Kalapaki. The short course finished at Hanamaulu and the long course finished at Wailua Beach. The ocean was relatively flat and hot. It was a great day for the flat water paddlers to get revenge on their surfing peers (last weeks race had some great bumps). It was good to see more new faces as participation in the short course nearly doubled over last weeks race. Timers on the long course were treated to what they claim was one of the more dramatic and exciting finishes to watch as Maui Kjeldsen and Mark Frazier kept exchanging places as they rode the few bumps that were to be had at the courses’ end (moderate east swell). Speaking of timers, we truly appreciate and cannot say enough about those that take time out of their weekend to help keep track of the finishes. We would not be able to hold these races without timers. Mary Bartlett, Tim Cotchay, Kamuela Aea and Napua Costa did an awesome, efficient job. Tracy Capman, Kona Duarte, Mary Bartlett and Laola Lake-Aea all helped with registration. It just keeps getting smoother with each race. Thank you all so, so much. Tom came through by making sure there was plenty of pizza and beer. Speaking of beer, it was announced that Budweiser has offered to help sponsor our association races . To whatever capacity they are involved, we extend our sincere gratitude. Most likely the mahalo for that would go to Bae DelaCruz. Our safety boats were ON IT....great start, escorting and finish (Sharky Aguilar did one course and Derek took the other). The next race is planned for Sunday Jan. 29. Registration will be from 10-11am at Kukuiula Small boat harbor. Long Course Poipu to Port allen....short course Kukuiula Harbor to Port Allen. As usual, we recommend you call the race hotline. Weather and ocean conditions may dictate a course change. The phone number is Butch’s -6350388.

Race Results:

                                     Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a
                                     2006 Budweiser Series

                                     January 15th Race Results

                                     Long Course
                                     Kalapaki Bay to Wailua Bay

Open Men                             Place                              Time
Maui Kjeldsen                        1st                              1:04:46
Mark Frazier                         2nd                              1:04:53
Hipo Princena                        3rd                              1:08:08
Men 30-39
Butch Keahiolalo                     1st                              1:08:28
Marshall MacCready                   2nd                              1:09:34
Adam Roversi                         3rd                              1:14:59
Joe Rapozo                           4th                              1:15:09
Jon Kegle                            5th                              1:15:55
Men 40-49
Mark McDonald                        1st                              1:11:33
Mike Pemberton                       2nd                              1:16:34
Sueo Higa                            3rd                              1:22:24
Men 50-59
Richard Pettigrew                    1st                              1:11:19
Tom Thompson                         2nd                              1:15:55
Arthur Chow                          3rd                              1:19:26
Gordon Lett/Jeff Griffith            1st                              1:04:53
Kona Duarte/Shawn August             2nd                              1:11:33
Herb Kekuawela/Sandy Higa                                             1:19:26
Laola Lake-Aea/Midge Horwood                                          1:17:35
Open Women
Noe Auger                            1st                              1:14:59
Alana Goo                            2nd                              1:17:33
Erin Struxness                       3rd                              1:22:33
Women 40-49
Katy Otsuji                          1st                              1:24:21
Denise Morrison                      2nd                              1:26:17

                                     Short Course
                                     Kalapaki Bay to Hanamaulu

Open Men                             Place                              Time
Greg Davis                           1st                               40:53
David Spanski                        2nd                               41:48
Tom Bartlett                         3rd                               42:23
Men 15-20
Cyril Botelho                        1st                               43:00
Wesley Schmidt                       2nd                               44:28
Gary Lopez                           3rd                               53:47
Men 21-29
Aukai Lopes                                                            48:34
Men 30-39
Kendall Bond                                                           44:46
Men 40-49
Damien Omakanim                                                        45:05
Men 50-59
Marshall Celestino                                                     44:27
Bae and Jodi Dela Cruz                                                 42:24
Open Women
Tracy Capman                         1st                               43:39
Marleny Cotrim                       2nd                               44:45
Diane Daniells                       3rd                               46:02
Women 40-49
Margaret Steinhardt                                                    50:21
Women 50-59
Joy Chow                             1st                               49:22
Judy Byfield                         2nd                               49:25
Pua Carvalho                         3rd                               51:34
Mary Pixler                          4th                               54:53

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