Auger, Kjeldsen undefeated in Kaua'i Race 3

Light easterly winds and small chop made for fast, smooth racing conditions on Sunday January 29. In a course, which was supposedly longer than the last Port Allen venue on January 8, (although the long course did have a bit of a “running” start), times were consistently faster for the majority. Once again Noe Auger and Maui Kjeldsen clearly gapped the long course division. Gregg Davis has consistently dominated the men’s short course and a new face in the women’s division; Lilinoe Forrest garnered the short course title.

Highlights for the day were new faces and the return of some old familiar icons. We hope to see you all as well as more youth paddlers for the rest of this season.

As usual we have many to thank for helping out. Poipu Beach Broiler generously supplied our wonderful lunch and Budweiser provided the refreshments.

Thanks also to those tireless gals at registration and whom also helped with the timing. In spite of some mysterious numbers and unregistered boats, they managed to pull it off with no complaints. In the future, let’s all help them out by clarifying what our numbers are and what boats we are on.

Thanks also to Marshall MacCready for sacrificing his race and loaning out his fully rigged canoe so he could fill in as an escort for the long course when the original escort got called in to HFD.

On the racecourse, Skip Forrest stopped to render assistance to another paddler whose cable had broken. This is what it’s all about gang… safety first, then fun, and then lastly competition. Way to go Skip!

Our next race will be on February 12 at 12:00. Long course is from Port Allen to Wahiawa Bay to Waimea. Short course is from Port Allen to Waimea. Registration will be from 10:00 – 11:00 at Port Allen. Call 635-0388 for race updates. ResortQuest/ Waimea Brew Pub and Budweiser will be providing food and refreshments following the race.

Contributed by Laurie Denton


                LONG COURSE – 9.5 MILES
                MAKAHUENA PT. – PORT ALLEN

NAME                        TIME                DIVISION

Noe Auger                   1:10:49             1st open
Alana Goo                   1:12:57             2nd open
Laurie Denton                   1:14:36             1st surfski
Katy Curtis                 1:18.07             3rd open
Horwood/Lake                    1:19:39             1st OC-2
Katy Otsuji                 1:22:25             1st 40-49
Beth Kauwe                  1:27:57             1st 30-39
Tracey Capman                   1:30:59             2nd 30-39


Maui Kjeldsen                   1:03                1st open
Wes Da Silva                    1:04:37             1st surfski
Butch Keahiolalo                1:05:13             2nd open
Mark Frazier                    1:05:21             3rd open
Hipo Princena                   1:05:51             1st 40-49
Kennie Denton                   1:06:23             2nd surfski
Brett Deblin                    1:07:08             1st 30-39
Eric Rafter                 1: 07:17            2nd 30-39
Leroy Jumper                    1:09:30             2nd 40-49
Kawika  Goodale                 1:09:56             1st 50-59
Jeff Griffin                    1:10                3rd 40-49   
Togo                        1:10:05             2nd 50-59
Richard Pettigrew               1:11:03             3rd 50-59
Gene Lopez                  1:11:36             4th 50-59
Joe Rapozo                  1:12:34             4th 40-49
Mick Callahan                   1:12:52             5th 50-59
Mark McDonald                   1:13:07             5th 40-49
Steve Yee                   1:13:40             1st 60-69
Donnie Jones                    1:13:48             3rd 30-39
John Kegel                  1:14:58             4th 30-39
Tom Cotchay                 1:15:45             6th 40-49
Jason Dameron                   1:16:20             5th 30-39
Tom Thompson                    1:16:50             6th 50-59
Chris Piko                  1:17:20             1st 20-29
Kona Duarte                 1:18:05             6th 30-39
Adam Roversi                    1:18:29             7th 30-39
Lot Botelho                 1:19:41             7th 40-49
Chris Kauwe                 1:22:52             8th 40-49
Gregg Myers                 1:23:19             2nd 20-29


Lett/Goodno                 1:09:51             1st OC-2 mixed
Acoba/Hookano                   1:10:24             2nd OC-2 mixed
Higa/Kekuawela                  1:23:19             3rd OC-2 mixed

                SHORT COURSE -7 MILES

NAME                        TIME                DIVISION

Lilinoe Forrest                 1:14:21             1st open
Laura Anderson                  1:14:21             1st surfski
Sara Deblin                 1:17:11             2nd open
Joy Chow                    1:18:46             3rd open
Margaret Steinhardt             1:23:51             1st 40-49
Pua Carvalho                    1:26:46             1st 50-59


Gregg Davis                 1:01                1st open
Aaron Labuguen                  1:03:36             2nd open
David Spanski                   1:04:32             3rd open
David McDonald                  1:05:05             1st 50-59
Tom Bartlett                    1:05:26             2nd 50-59
Eddie Pratt                 1:05:30             3rd 50-59
Aukai Lopes                 1:05:40             1st 20-29
Doug Bryant                 1:06:40             1st 30-39
Damien Omanakin                 1:07:46             1st 40-49
Steve French                    1:11:26             4th 50-59
Skip Forrest                    1:14:06             5th 50-59
Keahi Warfield                  1:16:18             2nd 20-29
Basil Scott                 1:21:22             6th 50-59
Grant Manning                   1:25:53             2nd 30-39


Bae/Jodi                    1:05:53             1st OC-2 mixed

Posted by keizo on Tue, 01/31/2006 - 7:45pm

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