Kjeldsen and Goo paddle to victory in Starbucks Kauai Championships

[Photos] by Makana Denton
Artcle by Laurie Denton

Friendly trades and sunshine greeted the paddlers of YMCA Kauai Hoe Wa’a this past Sunday as they set out for the final race of the season.
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Originating at Kalapaki and finishing 20 miles later in Port Allen, the long course was indeed long. Needless to say, it was a test of both surfing and gut level endurance. Alana Goo for the women had no problem though and finished first in 2:40:11. Jane McKee, a top rated paddler from Oahu was second in 2:41:52 and Katy Curtis who is still coming back following a horrific car accident last summer, had a very good showing, with a third place finish of 2:43:41.

Maui Kjeldsen, whose name has become synonymous to winning, gapped the entire field in a time of 2:17:17. Luke Evslin a Kauai boy, who is quickly establishing himself in the paddling world, was second in 2:20:05. Doing so well at only 21, he certainly has a great career ahead of him. Perhaps one of the more consistent top finishers, Butch Keahiolalo was third in 2:23:26.
The 10 mile short course, which began at Poipu Beach Park and also finished at Port Allen had quite a showing. Several long course paddlers opted for the more enjoyable and far less grueling short course. Noe Auger won easily in a time of 1:13:44. Sanoe Hookano was second in 1:21:43 and Robin Jumper was third in 1:23:17

In the men’s division, Gordon Lett blazed to the end in 1:12. Mick Callahan was second in 1:14:08 and Mark McDonald, barely a sneeze behind, grabbed third in 1:14:09.

Following the race, paddlers were treated to a great spread of food sponsored by Starbucks and prepared by Keokis. Awards were handed out to the top age group finishers as well as the season point winners who were Butch Keahiolalo and Alana Goo. Steve Cole, an icon to the world of paddling, won the crash award for his fine entry through the surf at Kukuiula Harbor last race. Way to finish Steve!

A big mahalo needs to go to Starbucks for their generous sponsorship of food, shirts, mugs and financing for our final race. Kauai Hoe Wa’a would also like to thank the YMCA for providing a banner for us to operate beneath these past four seasons. Thanks also to our timers, Summer and Mary, registrars, Mary and Laola, escort boat drivers Joe Laokona and Jimmy Ledward. Port Allen Fishing Club for the use of their great facility, and to Makana Denton for his fabulous photographs of the last 2 races.

Coming up on May 13 is the Kauai World Challenge Relay. A venue for Olympians, world champions and amateurs, this is an event not to miss. Contact Tom Bartlett @ 826-5503 or ocpaddler.com for race info.

APRIL 23, 2006


NAME                     TIME                    DIVISION

Maui Kjeldsen            2:17:17                 1st open
Luke Evslin              2:20:05                 2nd open
Butch Keahiolalo         2:23:26                 3rd open
Mark Frazier             2:24:16                 1st 30-39
Hipo Princena            2:25:04                 1st 40-49
Jeff Weiss               2:26:27                 2nd 30-39
Steve Cole               2:28:36                 2nd 40-49
Kennie Denton            2:29:39                 1st surfski
Wes Da Silva             2:31:25                 2nd surfski
Leroy Jumper             2:35:06                 3rd 40-49
Gaylord Wilcox           2:35:18                 1st 50 plus
Kegel/Pemberton          2:36:43                 1st oc-2
Chris Acoba              2:36:59                 4th 40-49
Gene Lopez               2:38:19                 2nd 50 plus
Togo Hermosura           2:41:12                 3rd 50 plus
Baird/Wagner             2:41:56                 2nd oc-2
Tim Cotchay              2:43:16                 5th 50 plus
Richard Pettigrew        2:45:36                 4th 50 plus
Chris Pico               2:47:15                 1st 21-29
Adam Roversi             3:06:47                 3rd 30-39


Alana Goo                2:40:11                 1st open
Jane McKee               2:41:52                 2nd open
Katy Curtis              2:43:41                 3rd open
Laurie Denton            2:45:45                 1st surfski
Margie Goodno            2:50:49                 1st 40-49
Mavis Aiu                2:59:00                 1st 50-59
Cindy Grover             3:02:47                 2nd 40-49



Gordon Lett              1:12                    1st open
Mick Callahan            1:14:08                 2nd open
Mark McDonald            1:14:09                 3rd open
Arthur Chow              1:15:56                 1st 50-59
Steve Yee                1:16:39                 1st 60 plus
Tom Thompson             1:16:52                 2nd 50 -59
Lot Botelho              1:17:44                 1st 40-49
Joe Rapozo               1:18:18                 1st 30-39
Aaron Labuguen           1:18:21                 1st 20-29
Aukai Lopes              1:19:42                 2nd 20-29
Greg Davis               1:20:40                 2nd 40-49
Skip Forrest             1:20:43                 3rd 50-59
Eddie Pratt              1:21:02                 4th 50-59
Maika Scott              1:21:14                 3rd 20-29
Tom Bartlett             1:21:24                 5th 50-59
Dave Spanski             1:22:58                 6th 50-59
Damien Omakanim          1:28:17                 3rd 40-49


Noe Auger                1:13:44                 1st open
Laura Anderson           1:15:24                 1st surfski
Sanoe Hookano            1:21:43                 2nd open
Robin Jumper             1:23:17                 3rd open
Laola Aea                1:24:03                 1st 50-59
Midge Horwood            1:24:30                 1st 40-49
Erin Struxness           1:25:09                 1st 30-39
Katy Otsuji              1:25:10                 2nd 40-49
Lilinoe Forrest          1:27:52                 1st 20-29
Marleny Cotrain          1:29:54                 2nd 20-29
Suzie Olson              1:33:58                 2nd 30-39
Joy Chow                 1:40:12                 2nd 50-59
Mary Ledwood             1:51:02                 3rd 50-59


Chris and Beth           1:13:52                 1st
Bae and Jodi             1:23:36                 2nd

Posted by keizo on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 9:40am


did everyone check out Maui's sweet new boat in the photos?

#1 Wed, 04/26/2006 - 7:03pm

Kauai was one of my favorite places when visiting hawaii with my wife we took princess cruises there last year and are thinking of going back in a few months

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