Second Annual David Lyman Memorial Race

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YMCA Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a Race 4 Feb 18th

Overall Results
Boat #      Paddler                   Course     Division      Time
36          Luke Evslin               long       OC1/20-29        1:13:59
1           Butch Keahiolalo          long       OC1/30-39        1:15:24
23          Wes daSilva               long       SS M             1:16:24
508         Mark Frazier              long       OC1/30-39        1:16:36
86          Steve Cole                long       OC1/40-49        1:16:45
79          Brian Carter              long       OC1/30-39        1:18:56
41          Hipo Princena             long       OC1/40-49        1:19:52
100         Jody Simpson              long       OC1/20-29        1:20:29
61          Bret Deblin               long       OC1/30-39        1:21:00
43          Leroy Jumper              long       OC1/40-49        1:22:03
14          Marshall McCreedy         long       OC1/40-49        1:22:29
65          Jon Kegle                 long       OC1/30-39        1:23:21
117         Rico Pettigrew            long       OC1/50-59        1:22:28
65          John Kegle                long       OC1/30-39        1:23:20
420         Eric Rafter               long       OC1/30-39        1:24:24
101         Maika Scott               long       OC1/20-29        1:24:56
15          Art Chow                  long       OC1/50-59        1:25:05
119         Mark McDonald             long       OC1/40-49        1:27:22
192         Tim Cotchay               long       OC1/40-49        1:27:40
26          Donny Jones               long       OC1/40-49        1:29:02
107         AJ Irons                  long       OC1/20-29        1:29:40
99          Noe Auger                 long       WOC1/30-39       1:29:45
76          Rico Pettigrew            long       OC1/40-49        1:29:50
6           Mike Pemberton            long       OC1/40-49        1:29:55
118         Sueo Higa                 long       OC1/40-49        1:30:08
11          Aaron Labuguen            long       OC1/20-29        1:30:47
75          Greg Davis                long       OC1/40-49        1:30:47
69          Katy Curtis               long       WOC1/40-49       1:31:07
62          Gene Lopez                long       OC1/50-59        1:31:53
45          Scott Wagner              long       OC1/40-49        1:33:02
62          Tom Perry                 long       OC1/50-59        1:35:07
71          Chris Kauwe               long       OC1/50-59        1:35:15
            Margie Goodno             long       WOC1/50-59       1:36:44
60          Greg Meyers               long       OC1/30-39        1:37:22
103         Eddie Petri               long       OC1/40-49        1:40:59

104         Kanesa Duncan             short      SS W             1:03:04
???         unidentified pirate       short      OC1              1:03:46
110         Adam Roversi              short      OC1/30-39        1:08:52
32          Tom Thompson              short      OC1/50-59        1:09:05
88          Michelle Jackson          short      SS W             1:09:15
59          Ken Coors                 short      OC1/30-39        1:09:24
0           P. Chow/D. Hudson         short      OC2 M            1:09:35
112         Steve Yee                 short      OC1/60-69        1:10:19
12          Ed Doherty                short      OC1/             1:10:29
35          Herb/Sandy Kekuaweia      short      OC2 Mixed        1:10:35
98          Eddie Pratt               short      OC2/40-49        1:11:25
101         Steve Landis              short      OC1/             1:11:34
109         Tom Bartlett              short      OC1/50-59        1:13:28
7           Laola Lake                short      WOC1/50-59       1:13:37
83          Dave McDonald             short      OC1/50-59        1:14:23*
113         Mike McHenry              short      OC1/60-69        1:14:42
44          Kendall Bond              short      OC1/30-39        1:14:52
47          Garfield McCullen         short      OC1/50-59        1:15:02
50          Mary Bartlett             short      WOC1/50-59       1:15:03
111         Lilinoe Forrest           short      WOC1/20-29       1:15:18
18          David Spanski             short      OC1/50-59        1:15:23
68          Beth Kauwe                short      WOC1/30-39       1:15:58
10          Joe Rapozo                short      OC1/             1:16:25
93          Coy Rebman                short      OC1/30-39        1:20:20
21          Audree Bernadino          short      WOC1/20-29       1:20:20
89          Jennifer Heindreich       short      SS W             1:20:37
            Marlene Cotrim            short      WOC1/30-39       1:20:51
97          Jay Heindreich            short      OC1/30-39        1:21:17
72          Emiko Meyers              short      WOC1/30-39       1:21:28
13          Kathy Brock               short      WOC1/30-39       1:22:52
5           Katy Otsuji               short      WOC1/40-49       1:23:58*
206         Ryan/Cameron              short      OC2 M            1:23:15
120         Laura Anderson            short      SS W             1:27:30*
78          Zaslow/Kotoski            short      OC2 M            1:27:41
19          Doneen Stokes             short      OC1/40-49        1:27:48
120         Joy Chow                  short      WOC1/50-59       1:28:06
73          Skip Forrest              short      OC1/50-59        1:30:00*
* assisted other paddlers

Feb 18, 2007

Many participants of the second annual David Lyman Memorial Race should have approached the race and asked, “What would the captain do?” Sometimes reputation will overrule instinct and common sense resulting in disastrous consequences. Unless you’re training to place in the Molokai solo top 10, the less than ideal long course was a challenge for even veteran paddlers. With 25-35 mph ENE trades creating a small running wind swell, the short course, would have been the captain’s call. “Tell me, what can beat a fresh following sea from pole to pole, I hear him asking? “ And with a twinkle in his kolohe eyes, “I can’t tell you in front of the children” would be his response. “You can have the mish mash, chunky, rolling, cabbage patch water, I’ll just lean back and enjoy the ride.” Mahalo for your advice captain, you’ve been there. David Lyman, who at 28 years of age gradutated from the California Maritime Academy with an Unlimited Mariners License, allowing him to captain any size vessel, with any tonnage, into port anywhere in the world. David Lyman captained Hokule’a when Eddie Aikau was lost at sea. David Lyman died during a boating incident in the waters off Kalapaki on January 29, 2006. David Lyman, kamaaina, kanaka maoli, “e poina ole oe, . . .aloha no!

Mahalo and congratulations to Kanessa Duncan who came, who saw and who conquered the short course on a surfski (Nukumoi to Port Allen Boat ramp 9.0 miles) and likewise Luke Evslin who also came, saw and conquered the long course (Kalapaki to Waiohai 11 miles). Mahalo to Brenneckes, who over the years, has graciously supported our paddlers with fine food. A hui hou!

Brenneckes Sponsors YMCA Kauai Hoe Wa’a’s Second Annual David Lyman Memorial Canoe Race
By Laurie Denton

In blustering small craft advisory conditions, with both east and south swells occurring, “downwind” paddling took on a new meaning for the paddlers of YMCA Kauai Hoe Wa’a in their 4th race of the season. For the first timers this was one race they won’t forget. The seasoned veterans had their moments of doubt as well, and the escort captains had their work laid out for them.

With the long course starting in Kalapaki and finishing through the southern swell at Waiohai and the short course going out through Waiohai and finishing at Port Allen,
there were incidents on both courses. Fortunately, between nearby paddlers who stopped to render assistance and the fabulous escort captains, no one was injured, lost, or even disappointed. For the most part we showed that we are an organization who cares more for our fellow athletes than our places in the results. So in lew of discussing the fast and furious, I decided it was more fitting to highlight a few incidents and champions of another sort. If you’re dying to see who beat whom, see the results.

On the long course, there were paddlers caught in the air only to somehow land back on their seats (way to go Butch), many flipped (too many to mention) one paddler got separated from his boat and was miraculously able to swim back and remount, others weren’t so lucky. On the short course, a gal flipped and couldn’t get back on her canoe but she still got to enjoy a ride on the escort boat with her canoe and all, (thanks to the great team of Jimmy Ledward), a surf ski rolled out of control like a spool of thread, (thank you to all who stopped and especially David McDonald for holding my tangled ski so that I could get back on), and finally as if it weren’t enough to have a paddler and a canoe on board, a teenage boy who had fallen off the back of a two-man needed assistance in getting back to his canoe. Unfortunately he had lost his seat (it’s probably sitting on Nihoa by now) but he finished the race with his partner by the seat of his pants, literally. There were many as well who stopped to help this team of first timers; Katy Otsuji offered her ama as support to the stranded paddler, Laura Anderson and Skip Forrest remained as support as they waited for the escort boat to arrive. Needless to say, this young team was more than grateful.

YMCA Kauai Hoe Wa’a would like to thank Brennecke’s Restaurant for the great lunch as well as the following volunteers: escort captains, Joe Laukona and Jimmy Ledward and crew for their amazing job of monitoring the harrowing course and keeping everyone safe, Alana Goo, Pam Desilva, Sanoe Lake and John Steinhardt for timing, Beth Kauwe and Tracy Capman for registration, and Tom Bartlett and Mark Frazier for directing the short and long course respectively.

Coming up on May 10-12 is the Kauai World Challenge Relay. A venue for Olympians, world champions and amateurs, this is an event not to miss. Check out for race info.

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why does it take the Kauai Hoe Waa so long to post results?

#1 Sun, 02/25/2007 - 9:51pm

That was a fun race (at least on the short course). I am so new to OC-1 that my opinions may be moot, but that was the most fun I have had on my kanu since owning it. I talked to some of the OGs and they indicated that they can't remember a better day on the water. I finished the race with a big smile of my face not even caring what position I was in. I was only sorry the course wasn't longer. I could have stayed out all day on that kind of water.


#2 Wed, 02/28/2007 - 4:35am

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