Starbucks Kaua'i Island Championships

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Photos by Makana Denton

Maui Kjeldsen Paddles to Impressive Finish in Starbuck’s Island Championships

Special to the Garden Island by Laurie Denton

Nearly eight minutes separated the first two finishers in Starbuck’s Kauai Island Championships held on Sunday April 15. Maui Kjeldsen paddled the challenging long course as though the 22-mile distance was a mere warm up and finished in 2:09:37. Superior surfing ability and conditioning was key in this course that originated in Kalapaki and headed down the rough coast to finish at Port Allen. With stiff easterly trades and stacking east swells hitting ama side on the canoes, the going was fast but challenging and many paddlers found themselves in the water as their canoes flipped.

Mark Frazier finished second in 2:17:30 and Luke Evslin a close third in 2:18:31 in the men’s oc-1 division.

Noe Auger grabbed the top spot for the women in 2:42:11. Katy Curtis was second in 2:47:30 and Alana Frazier a very close third in 2:47:35, which is an amazing finish for a race of this distance.

In the OC-2 mixed division, Jeff and Cindy Weiss were first in 2:34:04 followed by Peter Chow and Laura Anderson in 2:51:08. The team of Kegel and Duarte were the lone men in the OC-2 division. They finished in 2:37:09.

In the eight mile short course which originated off of Sheraton and finished at Port Allen, the winds and seas were much more conducive to fast and fun paddling. For the men’s division, Richard Pettigrew led the pack and finished in 1:10:40 followed by Jeff Griffin in 1:11:53 and Gordon Lett a few seconds later in 1:12:00. For the women, Kristen Foster was first with a time of 1:19:20, followed by Laola Aea in 1:20:59. Erin Struxness was third in 1:22:54.

Bae and Jody DelaCruz finished first in the OC-2 mixed division in 1:18:16 and less than a minute behind was the team of Herb Kekuawela and Sandy Higa in 1:19:01.

Key to the success of YMCA’s Kauai Hoe Wa’a have been the many sponsors and volunteers. We would like to thank Starbucks, Budweiser, Brennecke’s, Aloha Beach Resort, and Resort Quest Waimea Plantation Cottages for sponsorship, beverages and food. Laola Aea and Susan Allyn also assisted with food. The timers throughout the season have been Sara Deblin, Napua Costa, Jody Kjeldsen, Fran MacDonald, Tracy Capman, Mary and Tom Bartlett, John Steinhardt, Sanoe Lake and Pam DeSilva. Tracy Capman, Beth Kauwe, Jon Kegel, and Mike Pemberton handled registration. In addition we couldn’t have any races without our escort boats; thank you to captains, Jimmy Ledward, Joe Laukona, Dino D’annibale and Kalani Vierra from the Kauai Water Patrol.

Another key to our success has been the impressive growth of participation. In a span of three years we have grown from a field of approximately 36 entries to nearly 90 boats entered in our championships. Paramount to this is the diversity of members. From novice teens out for their first runs in the high seas to seasoned veterans as well as those in their 60’s who are often tough to beat as well. Kauai Hoe Wa’a has instilled friendship; a sense of competition and lots of support for one another. Anyone interested in participating may contact Tom Bartlett at for more information.

Coming up on May 10 – 13th is the Kauai World Challenge. A venue for Olympians, world champions and the amateurs, this is an event not to be missed. Originating at Wailua Beach, hundreds of paddlers will set off to Hanamaulu Bay where they will pass their canoes off to their partners who will then paddle to Kalapaki Bay where the first team member then takes the canoe down to Waiohai Bay where the final switch is made. The final leg finishes at Salt Pond Beach Park where live music, food and awards will take place. It’s a great spectator event as the changes are made in very accessible locations and will all be close to shore. For more information, go to


105    Maui Kjeldson             long     OC1           2:09:37
4      Mark Frazier              long     OC1           2:17:30
53     Wes DaSilva               long     SS            2:17:50
104    Luke Evslin               long     OC1           2:18:31
86     Steve Cole                long     OC1           2:21:39
1      Butch Keahiolalo          long     OC1           2:22:39
41     Hipo Princena             long     OC1           2:24:56
79     Brian Carter              long     OC1           2:27:20
101    Maika Scott               long     OC1           2:28:18
100    Jody Simpson              long     OC1           2:28:43
420    Eric Rafter               long     OC1           2:30:28
62     Kamuela Aea               long     OC1           2:32:50
14     Marshall McCready         long     OC1           2:32:55
529    Jeff/Cindy Weiss          long     OC2 Mixed     2:34:04
0      Kenny Denton              long     OC1           2:35:12
24     Chris Acoba               long     OC1           2:36:52
115    Kegal/Duarte              long     OC2 Men       2:37:09
131    Chris Fujita              long     OC1           2:40:00
15     Arthur Chow               long     OC1           2:40:15
36     Scott Wagner              long     OC1           2:41:55
99     Noe Auger                 long     OC1 W         2:42:11
127    AJ Irons                  long     OC1           2:42:21
94     Gene Lopez                long     OC1           2:42:45
69     Katy Curtis               long     OC1 W         2:47:30
508    Alana Frazier             long     OC1 W         2:47:35
0      Peter Chow/?              long     OC2           2:51:08
192    Mac McDonald              long     OC1           2:52:48
103    Eddie Petri               long     OC1           2:54:51
136    Sueo Higa                 long     OC1           2:55:01
17     Margie Goodno             long     OC1           2:58:16
128    K.C.                      long     SS            2:59:15
122    Chris Pico                long     OC1           3:00:10
26     Jason Dameron             long     OC1           3:03:07
50     Mary Bartlett             long     OC1           3:03:32
5      Katy Otsuji               long     OC1           3:03:49
0      Laurie Denton             long     OC1           3:06:00


76     Richard Pettigrew         short    OC1           1:10:40
64     Jeff Griffin              short    OC1           1:11:53
15     Gordon Lett               short    OC1           1:12:00
46     Jonli Alo                 short    OC1           1:13:00
11     Aaron Labuguen            short    OC1           1:13:07
8      Kawika Goodale            short    OC1           1:13:50
110    Adam Roversi              short    OC1           1:15:30
59     Ken Coors                 short    OC1           1:16:56
51     Bae/Jody DelaCruz         short    OC2 Mixed     1:18:16
35     Herb/Sandy                short    OC2 Mixed     1:19:01
12     Mick Callahan             short    OC1           1:19:15
74     Kristin Foster            short    OC1 W         1:19:20
32     Tom Thompson              short    OC1           1:20:17
109    Tom Bartlett              short    OC1           1:20:28
47     Garfield McCullen         short    OC1           1:20:40
83     David McDonald            short    OC1           1:20:55
1      Laola Aea                 short    OC1 W         1:20:59
12     Tyler Hale                short    OC1 Teen      1:21:10
88     Michelle Jackson          short    SS W          1:21:39
133    Skip Forrest              short    OC1           1:22:00
44     Kendall Bond              short    OC1           1:22:35
81     Damien Omakanim           short    OC1           1:22:37
61     Erin Struxness            short    OC1 W         1:22:54
68     Beth Kauwe                short    OC1 W         1:23:00
53     Unknown                   short    SS            1:23:30
111    Lilinoe Forrest           short    OC1 W         1:24:00
124    Kalani Addington          short    OC1           1:24:09
118    Dave Spanski              short    OC1           1:24:29
16     Midge Horwood             short    OC1 W         1:25:35
66     Caroline                  short    OC1 W         1:26:35
78     Bob Kalowski              short    OC2           1:26:59
84     Ryan Tokashi              short    OC1           1:27:55
92     Cameron Takamura          short    OC1           1:28:00
21     Audree Bernadino          short    OC1 W         1:28:50
9      Tai Kanekua               short    OC1           1:29:30
93     Coy Rebman                short    OC1           1:30:00
3      Leigh Drachman            short    OC1 W         1:30:04
37     Lee Evslin                short    OC1           1:30:40
133    Malama Souza              short    OC1           1:30:50
19     Doneen Stokes             short    OC1 W         1:35:10
129    Joe Rapozo                short    OC1           1:35:35
106    Joy Chow                  short    OC1 W         1:36:05
13     Kathy Brock               short    OC1 W         1:37:00
132    Sarah Newton              short    OC1 W         1:37:50
114    Lori Parrage              short    OC1 W         1:39:40
130    Christine                 short    OC1 W         1:39:40
138    Brenn Nakaahiki           short    OC1           1:39:50

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