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Paddler profile pages, other website updates

Hi all, just some quick notes:

  • Paddler's page of user profiles is up. Not entirely as nice as it could be, but even unfinished it's still somewhat fun to browse. Still needs a better method to sort than the way it currently lists everyone.
  • Upcoming events have finally been added to the main page. I encourage anyone to submit events not listed in there so we can all know what's going on -- no need to email me, just click 'add event' and it goes up instantly.
  • Anyone got ideas for new polls? suggest a new poll.
  • I'm going to try and keep track of what's going on behind the scenes with the website a bit more with a log page (ocpaddler.com/log) for anyone interested.
  • A paddling video is in the works, eta end of summer or fall.
  • Still on the todo list: Bring back weather feature and link directory. Introduce canoe info directory and outrigger web guide/paddling wiki. More photos on the main page. Anything else? Hit me up with an email or comments to this.

Keizo Gates

Canoe club directory & other new features

  • Canoe Club directory.  A world wide listing of clubs.  This page is yours to edit and add to.  Let's make it the best club directory around.  Add your club, or edit it if it's already listed.  Changes can be made by any user and are effective instantly so go for it.  
  • New classifieds system.  You can add a classified under the 'add content' tab (must be logged in).  Your ad will be listed on the front page and on the classifieds page.
  • Revamped community photo gallery, although pretty much the same functionality.
  • Improved user profiles.  Under 'my account' you can add to your personal and paddling profiles.  (member list functionality coming soon)
  • Improved search functionality.

Sponsor Lists

To all race organizations: there is now the option of adding a Sponsor List to results and race recaps posted to OCPaddler.com. 

  • The list can be images or names of companies that currently sponsor your organization.  They will be listed down the side of each story from your respective organization. 
  • The service is free -- in the interest of giving paddling more exposure and supporting the people who support paddling. 

Big changes for OCPaddler.com

Aloha all,
I am making some major upgrades to OCPaddler.com. Essentially the website has been gutted from the inside out. After over three years online, this is a much needed upgrade that will allow for all kinds of new features that I hope will make this website a better resource for the paddling community.

For registered users, your usernames and passwords should work as always. If you do encounter any obvious problems, please let me know asap.

Please keep in mind the upgrade process will be ongoing and many features will be lacking for a couple days. This has been just the initial transfer of all the old data to the new content management system. There are missing features (like the weather for example), but they will be recreated as soon as possible. Forum regulars may also find that the new forum doesn’t quite hold it’s own against the old one, but don’t worry it will only get better. There are so many advantages to all these changes; it’s just going to be awesome. I know, not very descriptive, but work with me here – more announcements to come as the new features roll out.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

Keizo Gates

New videos

Keola Wright sent in a couple great paddling clips. Check it out in the video section. Also if you haven't seen the Sunshine clip posted last month, that's in there as well. Look forward to more video coming this summer.
If you are hiding any cool videos or just raw footage of your last epic run and don't mind sharing, drop me an email.

OCPaddler - One year online!

Aloha Paddlers,
I'm proud to say this month marks a full year that OCPaddler has been online! Few new announcents below. Other than that, I would just like to thank everyone for visiting and supporting the site. Lets hope this year only gets better!


*Updated: January 12, 2008*

OCPaddler.com has become a recognized outrigger paddling website that receives thousands of page views each day. Paddlers from around the world visit for results, photos, videos, and an active community forum. Reaching out and communicating with the outrigger paddling community has never been so easy as it is today. If you're products are for paddlers, this is the perfect place to spend your advertising dollars.

About OCPaddler

Last updated May 24, 2007

### What is this site?

A place to organize and communicate information about the sport of outrigger paddling. This includes the latest race results, upcoming races, and community discussion from around the world.

Weather and Season Schedules Available

The schedules for the Kanaka I Kai Ka Oahu Race Season and the Hawai`i Island Paddlesports Association Year 2003 Race Series have been posted on the right.
Also the weather for Hawaii is listed under the pull down menu on the left.

ocPaddler.com will soon really be ocPaddler.com!

We have officially bought the domain name ocPaddler.com and hopefully it will be up and running later this week!

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