Venom - New V1 from Viper Va'a

Has anyone heard about the Venom? A new V1 that Viper Va'a will manufacture? I searched on the web for more information, but everything I got was this picture (in attachment) posted by a local dealer on Facebook.

I would like to see more pictures and to have some reviews.


Hoe Toa Manini V1

Does anyone have tried the Hoe Toa Manini V1? How is it performing in the races? Thanks.

Argentina in Lima Hoe 2013

Inkanoa Va'a Peru hosted de IVF South American Va'a Cahmpionships betwen the 27th and the 30th of november, they sure raized the bar of how to host a reace for us in our region, making it a World Class Event with even LIVE COVERAGE. here is a small clip of the Argentinian crew..... hopefully you enjoy.

Lima Hoe 2013 on Vimeo -

Aloha To Summer 2013


8th annual Manu O Ka Kai Argentina sprints race, Sunday 7th of april, we like to say Aloha and Mahalo to Summer opening the doors of our club and waters to the public, so they can enjoy Wa'a trying out on a 1/2 mile, fun, fun

Looooong paddle

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to determine if it is feasible for me to go on a long (thousands of KM along the coast of Brazil) OC1 paddling trip. I have talked to some of my friends, and one of the recommendations was that I should float the idea on OC Paddler to see if anyone has any ideas. Right now, I am thinking about doing this as some sort of beneficent adventure, also raising funds for a non-profit.

Va’a Hoe Brasil 2011 - Taça Comodoro ICRJ

Apr 30 2011 7:00 am
May 1 2011 12:00 am
Event Description: 

Va'a Hoe Brazil 2011 - ICRJ Commodore Cup

South American venue of the World Long Distance V1 Circuit - 7th year of the va´a races of the Rio de Janeiro Yacht Clube Commodore´s Cup.

Organization: Rio Va´a Club and Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro

Informations :

Categories: V1 (traditional one person canoe Polynesian canoe) V1R (one person canoe with rudder), V6 (six paddlers), K1 (individual ocean kayak), surfski

7th Anual"Kahiau"

small kine slide show of our first race of da season......

aloha from Argentina.

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