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Vantage oc1 ama

Does anyone know where I can buy a new or used ama for original model Vantage OC1 made by Steve Blyth?

OC12 configuration

Hi, When combining 2 oc6s to make an OC12, can any one recommend a distance between the hulls. Is there a standard, commonly used setting? I guess its a close as possible without paddles clashing?
Thanks, John

Puakea rudders?

Due to the current Zombie Apocalypse I'm lucky enough to be spending alot more time paddling. I paddle a Kahe Kai. When I surf I sometimes feel I could use a little more rudder. I also venture close to reef and have done serious damage. Thinking it might be cool to have a few rudders available depending on my "mood" (yes I'm bored). Anyone have any experience with Puakea's Grip or Flatwater rudders?

Pueo 2 for rent for the 2020 Gorge Downwind Champs

I’ve got a team layup Pueo 2 for rent for the week of the 2020 July13-18 Gorge Downwind Champs. Shoot me a text 808-639-3329


Florida boy here. I spent 4 months each of the last 9 years on Oahu paddling with Lanikai, but my annual Hawaii sojourns have come to an end. I'm looking for a used OC2 on the east coast to introduce this wonderful lifestyle to new paddlers. Willing to drive reasonable distances for a fair deal. Whatcha got out there? buckeyepaddler@gmail.com

Looking for Wave Blade ama to fit Vantage OC1

Looking to buy a Wave Blade ama to fit an old Vantage OC1.

If available, please email Ray

AMA for old Vantage OC1

Does anyone know where I can buy a new or used ama for original model Vantage OC1 made by Steve Blyth?

please delete

Please delete ????

Hurricane OC1 loose alma

Just bought a used Hurricane in great condition but the front iako will only lock in the heaviest position (6th). It's loose and pulls out when rigged lighter. Do the grooves in the alma locking the iako in place rub down over time? Anybody with the same experience? Solutions? Duct / electrical tape? New alma? Thanks!

OC1 for a beginner with ocean experience

Hi Paddlers,

I'm trying to get into OC1 and think about getting a boat but there are so many choices and essentially most have good reviews. I'm 5,8 and 165 pounds (unfortunately 54 years old). I've been racing/surfing SUP in ocean conditions for the past 6 years and did OC-6 many years ago. There are a good number of deals for a Huki VX1, Scorpius XS and a Pegasus.

Any advice of which boat I should think about getting? Or any other boats that you think are good for a beginner like me who has paddling experience.

Thanks so much,

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