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2nd generation Ama and lako fit issues on Scorpious XS

Hey ,

I just a new 2nd generation ama and lako for my older Scorpious XS and nothing really fits. 1st the front lako was to long to fit into the hull so with advice I cut off 1.5 " @ 30 deg. That worked great but now neither front or rear will fit into the Ama and hull at the same time. The angles seem to be off a bit and the pin holes don't line up . Anyone else have similar issues ?

Thank you

OC1 Questions

This Florida boy has been on the Kahe Kai for over a year now and still loving it!


-How many paddle strokes (racing but not sprinting) on each side is the norm?

-In general, if I moved the seat back and lowered it by 1” – what would be the anticipated outcome? (I'm 6'1") Better leverage with legs? Lower center of gravity but more easy to Huli?

-Has anyone tapped up the drain holes in the footwell to avoid the unnecessary weight of water (when paddling in flat water)?

-Training suggestions to get better at sprints?

V-1 vs OC-1 ?

Certified Old Guy, been paddling surfskis for 10+ years, starting to dabble in OC-1 via this beast: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOIKL0MixlprznLdGdQfKV1TiVusSqeWaZF...

It weighs a ton and it's a pig to paddle, but maybe I see something here; so I might be in the market for a "Real" canoe.

But the place I paddle the most is heavily-infested with weeds as in just-any-old-weed-rudder-won't-work.

Hence the obvious appeal of a V-1.

Kahele Reviews

I'm interested in the feedback that those of you have for the Kahele OC1. Aside from it being deemed the "latest and greatest," how does it surf compared to what you had in the past? It seems like a lot of the female paddlers have made the switch to this canoe...
Overall I'm just curious about it.

Any Sense Raising OC-1 Seat to Accomodate Long Legs?

Having a large and weirdly-proportioned body, I never expect anything to fit out-of-the-box unless built custom, and the used OC-1 sailing canoe I just took delivery on did not disappoint in that respect.

I moved the pedals forward about 1.5" and the seat back an inch - and that made things tolerable.

But now it has dawned on me that maybe elevating the seat might help too.

Putting a 1" pad under the seat seems to have raised my hips relative to the knees as expected and, as soon as the water around here is no longer hard, I expect to find out if it's good for anything.

Most popular SUP's

A friend who moved to Miami asked me if I knew anything about SUP boards. She would be a beginner but is competitive enough that it will not take long for her to get serious (Check out last years Broken Skull Ranch female champ). She figured if I knew ski and OC1 equipment that I would know something about SUP's. What brands and models are most popular out there for serious racers these days? Anything I can pass on to her would be helpful.

Fai 3x V1 container load.

Tiger Canoe has a container full of Fai 3x V1 canoes on their way from Tahiti! These model are polyester/glass, great for clubs and those that want to experience V1 paddling affordably. Va'a come with wood iako, ama, foot bracing and water pumps. Bracing and pumps will need to be installed by buyer. Canoes are expected to arrive at the end of the year. The are a few keiki Vaa and some V3 canoes also. Colors are random. All hulls and amas are white. First come first serve on choice. Contact Tiger at tiger@tigercanoe.com for more information and to reserve a va'a. Mahalo.

Seat Velcro

Aloha, I am rehabbing a Kamanu Composites Kainalu and the seat Velcro is toast.

can someone recommend an appropriate glue for sticking down the replacement Velcro strips?

mahalo in advance,

Venting System for the Hurricane OC1

Am looking at an older Hurricane. Could someone tell me what the correct positions e.g. open and closed, are on the deck vent near the rudder. Thanks much. JR

Foam OC6 Saddles

Anyone know where to buy the high density mini cell foam for OC6 foam saddles?

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