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Gorge Outrigger Race Results, Columbia River July 16-17

OC6 races took place on Saturday in strong (up to 30 mph) Easterly winds. The East wind blew against the current of the river kicking up 5-6 foot waves. OC1/2/surfski races took place on Sunday in 20 mph Westerly winds going with the river’s current. All races consisted of two laps with legs both upwind and down. Upwind legs were long and rough, with the downwind legs being fast and hot.
More info about the race at: Bend Outrigger

North Sea Outrigger Canoe Championships 2005 - July 17,18

The NOCC proved to be a growing event. With 45 OC1 canoes it can be called today as the biggest OC1 race in Europe. Participants this year came from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, England, Spain, Zweden, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium. Nothing else but happy faces since paddle conditions were great, camping next to Surfers Paradise was allowed and all races were full of sensation... Martin Buday (Germany) won the Tsunami OC1 by finishing first overall, Raye Helen Powell (New Zealand) won the woman's overall titel (and Tsunami OC1). Team France showed everyone a lesson in the OC4 elimination race and 3x3km relay race. Pictures and results can be seen at www.surfersparadise.be . The NOCC will take place next year 15-16 of July.

Puna CC wins Moku O Hawaii Island Championships - July 16

[Photos] by Marjie Santos
TEAM SCORES: 1. PUNA 159 (A); 2. KAWAIHAE 133 (A); 3. KAI OPUA 127 (A); 4. KAI EHITU 103 (A); 5. KEAUKAHA 90 (A); 6. KEAUHOU 74 (B); 7. KEOUA 59 (B); 8. KAMEHAMEHA 56 (A); 9. HUI WAA O WAIAKEA 44 (C); 10. KAILANA 42 (C); 11. KONA ATHLETIC 30 (C); 12. PADDLERS OF LAKA 26 (C); 13. WAIKOLOA 13 (B); 14. NA WAA HANAKAHI 5 (C).

Kahanamoku Regatta - Kona, July 9

[Photos] by Marjie Santos
TEAM SCORES: 1. Kai Opua 140; 2. Kawaihae 138; 3. Puna 137; 4. Kai Ehitu 121; 5. Keauhou 74; 6. Keoua 67; 7. Kamehameha 64; 8. Keaukaha 59; 9. Kona Athletic 45; 10. Hui Waa O Waiakea 39; 11. Kailana 37; 12. Paddlers of Laka 25; 13. Waikoloa 11; 14. Na Waa Hanakahi 3.

Sixty+ turn out for Namolokama off-season oc1 race - Kauai

Namolokama O’Hanalei Canoe Club completed its Third Annual OC-1 canoe race this last Sunday, July 3rd.  Participants came from all over the island and represented many GICRA clubs.  Koko Kanealii brought all together in a circle to bless the event, our  island and its waters, and to oversee those who would be paddling.  He asked that each of us support each other, do well and to have fun.

Hobie Treasure Island Ocean Paddling Series Race 2 - Florida

[Photos] courtesy Lex Raas
July 4th dawned with heavy rain, however, registration started at 8am and the sun was out. Another great day emerged on the Gulf of Mexico. The question for the organizers was whether the warnings of red tide would seriously effect the participation. It was a great turnout, we had 44 entries turn up. For those not familiar with red tide, this is not toxic to humans, however the sea and beach are full of floating dead fish. The odor is quite something. We all take our hats off to the Paddleboard folks for racing in these conditions !

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