OC1 race in Vladivostok, Russia

Hi paddlers!

There will be a plan of OC1 race in Russia.

Date: Saturday 15th, August, 2015
Location: Russkii Island, Vladivostok, Russia

It will be 64 KM OC1 Relay of two paddlers around the island.
There will be prize money, too.
Inland transportation, accommodation, and OC1 will be provided by the host.

Organizers are seeking for inviting any international paddlers.
If there are anyone interested in, please contact following person, or me.

Igor Gavrilov: dalsport@mail.ru, +7 9084493200
Aleksander Melameda: melameda@mail.ru, +79147920236

Views on Unlimited OC6

I am doing some research on the various unlimited OC6 models out there. There is some material scattered here and there (mostly glowing single race accounts connected to manufacturers’ own sites), but I thought it might be useful to me and others if we could aggregate some thoughts here from people’s experience of training, racing and living with them day in and day out.

As we post, could the poster also indicate where/what kind of water they paddle most of the time?


Hong Kong Outrigger Canoe Club Article in South China Morning Post HK

A Hong Kong Outriggers Canoe Club team competed in the treacherous waters of the Ka'iwi Channel in a 66km paddle and finished a credible 15th out of 60 crews


Change Hurricane OC1 steering cable

Hi guys,

I have a Hurricane OC1 the steering cable of which needs changing. The whole steering system is stretched and old and it wouldn't turn steer properly to the left. So I bought a new set, and searched for documentation. I did find one, but got stuck because I didn't find it as easy to do as I assumed.

So I'd be direct in asking a rather insipid question: how do you take out the plastic tiller from the rudder/cable section using a 2.5 allen key?


Does anyone out there know the website address for the Outrigger Canoe Club in Hiroshima, Japan?

I`m from Vancouver, BC Canada and am living in Kochi, Shikoku. I am looking for a used OC1.


Okinawa Paddling - any clubs or opportunities there?

I might have an opportunity to spend some time in Okinawa. Are there any clubs there?

One Man for FUN

We are again working on much smaller one man.

Would like to see how the REAL paddlers react.

Thanks and Arigato.


JAPAN: Open Invitation to Come to KOCHI Anytime

Hello and ??????to all Outrigger Paddlers here in Japan! I am from Vancouver, BC CANADA and live in Kochi Prefecture on the Island of Shikoku. ?????????????????????????????????????

How would you like to come to Kochi to Paddle together?????????????????We can paddle on the Niyodo or Shimanto River OR out on the Open Ocean!

JAPAN: Inland Sea or South Coast of Shikoku?

I`m a Canadian from Vancouver, BC Canada currently living in Kochi, Shikoku. I am considering moving to a small town called Kanonji in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku. Does anyone have experience paddling OC-1/OC-6 in the Inland Sea between Honshu and Shikoku, Japan? I hear this is a very beautiful area.

I want to live somewhere that offers great local paddling. Which place is better for Outrigger Canoeing -- the South coast of Shikoku OR the Inland Sea? Is paddling safe and allowed in the Inland Sea considering I believe it is used as a main shipping route with lots of ship traffic.

OC-1 in Japan

Item Description: 

I recently arrived on the island of Shikoku, Japan and am wanting to find an OC-1 so I can do some paddling out here. I am originally from Vancouver, BC Canada and a former member of the False Creek Racing Canoe Club. I am 6`3 in. and 180 - 190 lbs. So wish to find a canoe suitable for a tall person. Anyone with an OC-1 in Japan or a relatively short shipping distance from Japan, please contact me.

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message.

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