FENN Surfskis

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FENN Elite Carbon Surfski. $1,800 OBO and FENN SWORDFISH Carbon.Surfski $2,100.00 OBO Both on Oahu

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Send me a private message.

states predictions

so whats everyones predictions for States? open women/men, masters, 4's, etc...

Shipping OC1

Please advise...the least expensive way to ship a OC1 from Kona to California? THANK YOU!

KIALOA Student Paddle Scholarship

We are hoping you all can help us spread the word among your young paddlers about the KIALOA student paddle scholarship.

Paddlers 18 and under have the chance to win a free KIALOA outrigger paddle.

How to enter: http://www.kialoa.com/about-us-64/student-scholarship.html

Let's give as many Keikis as possible the chance to win a FREE KIALOA outrigger paddle. Spread the word! Up to 7 young paddlers can win!



Ares O.C 1

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Ares O.C. 1. Basically brand new..Kai Bartlett's incredible all around and best surfing "machine". Weighs 17.5 pounds. Getting a new one at 15 pounds. I have owned and paddled canoes for 15 years and must say; "the Ares is the BEST all around canoe"! Quick and easy to place on the "bump" . My favorite!
Call or text 808 281 3303

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Send me a private message.

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge update - Prize $$$$

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge on May 29
• OC-1 prize money increased to match surfskis
• Women's division prize money increase if there is enough participation.
• Extended early registration deadline to April 28

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge has increased the OC-1 purse to make the 2016 prize money equal to the surfskis. $2,000.00 for first place in both Surfski solo and OC-1 solo across the line. The new breakdown is as follows:
Cash Awards:
Male SS Male OC-1 Female SS Female OC-1
1st Overall $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $750.00 $750.00

Antares Ultra light O.C. 1

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Antares ultra light double carbon O.C. 1 hand made by Kai Bartlett. Looks like Kai's as shown on Kai Wa'a website. "Maui Jim" graphics on gray and yellow. Looks awesome ! 18 pounds and made in Feb 2015 just like new ! Best downwind bump riding canoe ever ! Call or text 808 281 3303 (Located on Maui will ship)

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Seeking escort boat for May 14th Molokai to Oahu

I am looking for an escort boat for the Molokai to Oahu crossing on May 14th. I can be reached at 808 365 8732 any time.



PUEO 2 - Double Carbon, Pristine Condition - Barely Used

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PUEO 2 - Double Carbon (Pristine Condition - Barely Used) for sale on the Big Island.

Always kept under shade, very light, and no repairs or dings.

$4350 OBO

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Send me a private message or call/text me at 747-0470


Guide needed for blind paddler in the World Sprints

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My name is Vic Allen and I am a blind paddler from Kauai. I am racing in the world sprints in Australia this May. I need someone to guide me in the 500 meter and the 200 meter Vi adaptive category. I came in 7th in Calgary and think I can do better this time around. All you would have to do is call a few commands from behind me in an OC1 and you would have to be able to keep up with me. Ha! My guide can talk you through all the details and i will pay for your travel and put you up in Kauai to come work with us for a few days. Thank you for your consideration! Aloha Vic 808-651-9653

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Send me a private message. or call the number above

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