Looking for feedback on Hui Wa'a upcoming regatta schedule... It will be Saturday regattas.

Pros and Cons? Lets here it!!

Three escorts needed for Moloka'i Hoe

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Looking for three escorts for Moloka'i Hoe. Last minute.. I know, but any help would be appreciated.

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Race Around the Hat 2016

Just posted this on Facebook, but also want to add it to the forum as well to make sure we reach as many people as possible. Date is set for RATH 2016. Please read the details below. Any news and updates can be found on the RATH listing on the left side of the OCP main page. Or you can follow HVA on Twitter and Facbook. Thank you everyone for all your support throughout the years. See you in July!

Canoe for Na Wahine

Crew looking for canoe to paddle back from Molokai to Oahu for Na Wahine race. We will bring your canoe back from Pailolo

kai wa'a ama

-I would appreciate an informed opinion from someone who has actually put the newer ama on a scorpius( extended xs or xm) and compared it to the original one.Is it worth in your opinion spending $600 for ama and $200 for iako if you are not into racing,just doing Maliko runs?Is it that much better?.If you or someone you know have done this,I would like your 2 cents.Mahalo

40 Something paddler looking for a crew for Molokai

40 something paddler, crossed channel last 9 years.
looking for a crew needing a paddler.

Mob sent me to mainland for the year but in shape and want to make my 10th crossing a good one.

message me here if want more info.

sit anywhere, but typically 3/4/5/6.



ESCORT BOAT AVAILABLE FOR PA'A 'Eono Hoe - August 29, 2015

Fish This, 29' Kami Kraft.
9 Years of Escorting channel races.
Refrences on Request.
email or Call .
808 739 6739.

Manu O Ke Kai Choose Your Weapon Results

Manu O Ke Kai Ocean Challenge 2015
Place Name Time
1 Bobby Pratt 0:50:19
2 Kekoa Kau 0:50:20
3 Alfred Vangiesen 0:51:23
4 Keola Wright 0:52:05
5 Mo Freitas 0:53:07
6 Trey Cox 0:53:14
7 Glenn Williams 0:53:21
8 Gavin Hanoa 0:55:03
9 Sam Alama 0:55:38
10 D.J./Viloria 0:56:07
11 Tavita Maea 0:56:54
12 Dave Fuga 0:57:53
13 Tomas Schlotman 0:57:49
14 Eulogio Mangasar 0:57:50
15 Shawn Kaaawa 0:57:57
16 Charles Tantog 0:58:03
17 Dan Aitchson 0:58:16
18 Ray Connely 0:59:16
19 Gavin/Michael 0:59:17
20 Zak Sainall 1:00:06
21 Rob Pactol 1:00:50
22 Gunner Schull 1:01:33

Senior Women Master Looking for an Iron Crew for the Queen's Race

I am from Oahu, and am looking for a competitive women master's crew for the Queen's race and prefer seat 3,4 or 5. I have 6 Kona races and 10 Molokai crossings, and want to contribute to a great women's crew!

I have a plane ticket and hotel reservations. Just give me a shout out! I would also love to paddle with a crew from out of state! I will bring my "A" game and Aloha!



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