Ama and iakoo's mixed up at Olukai race

A friend lent her Pueo out for Olukai and it came back with a blue/white ama instead of solid white. If you're missing your blue/white ama and have her solid white ama please call 808-283-2470
Also her from iakoo got mixed up with someone else's.

Escort Boats needed for the Maui Jim Surf Ski Race 2015

Aloha Escort Boat Owners,
If you are looking to participate in the 2015 Maui Jim Molokai Challenge Surf Ski Race - give me a call at. We are assisting the Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association with Coordinating Paddlers with Boats. Check us out!!!
Mahalo, LJ
Escort Boats Hawaii - (808) 306-4121

Escort Boats Available for the PA'A Events 4/25/2015 & 7/13/2015

Aloha Paddlers,
I have Experienced Boat Handlers available for the Molokai Relay April 25, 2015 and Solo June 13, 2015. Give me a call if you need help finding a Boat.
LJ - Escort Boats Hawaii - 808-306-4121 cell
Serving the Paddlers of Hawaii and the World Since 1981

Pueo OC1

Item Description: 


Pueo OC1 in outstanding condition. I am the original owner.
One of the last of the 1st generation models (late 2013) with 2nd generation ama.
Comes with anodized iakos and universal seat for taller or shorter paddlers.
Hull & ama are watertight and are in excellent shape.
Bi-weekly PTEF waxed and stored 'indoors' under carport since purchase.
I can bring it down to Kailua Beach Park at 8:30 AM for my paddle where you can see it or contact me so you may come over and view the boat.
Kailua Canoe Club &/or Team Fossil Discount, HCRA registered club paddler discount
Bank check or cash accepted for purchase

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Pa'a Koa Nui 2015

Some moves in the results from last years race! good to see couple V-1's in there.

Races looked tight, Japan's Golden boy did a number in the Sprints! ...Anyone know if the Ehukai seems to be fast in flat water? What is different from a Pueo in its flat water performance?

No Jimmy Austin, Danny Ching or Kaihe Chong in the results? Bummer

aukahi v1 rudderless canoe

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The hull has a triple 3.9 carbon layup with extra light foam core, it weighs #20.8. the ama weighs #4 and has the same layup. adjustable custom carbon foot brace and seat. The canoe and ama are painted with a clear gelcoat that shows carbon through nicely. canoe has airbrushed lightning effect. great condition with some small blems from production. this canoe has a boatload of extra labor and material in it. one of a kind! $5750 obo

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phone #8082771236

Polaris Amas

Anyone need a Polaris Ama? I have two old Polaris Amas, one is a first generation Bixler and the other is a second generation Bixler. Both are used, but sea worthy. Located in windward Oahu.

Iako Makers

At 2014 HCRA States there was a vendor selling iako's and other OC6 stuff. He was from Oahu and about 2-3 booths down from the Kialoa booth. His iako's looked great. Unfortunately, I have lost his card. Does anyone know who this might have been? Mahalo

Scorpius XS w/ new ama $4,000

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5 month old maui built foam core ultra-light team rider XS with the new ama. Selling to get the new Antares, boat is in great condition, and will be freshly polished and made brand new upon purchase.

All white with regal blue parts and white/blue deck

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Buss Up V1

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Looking for an older V1 for relatively cheap. Had to sell my good boat. Just looking for something usable to get back on the water. There's gotta be a few around somewhere taking up space. Right?

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message.

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