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Koa versus glass in prelim regattas.

Hawaii state regattas coming up. OHCRA uses koa canoes it true that koa is optional in the prelim races for other islands and most outer island crews are on glass canoes? Just wondering if a spec glass canoe is faster then a spec koa in a regatta setting ?

Crating OC1 question

Need to crate an OC1 for shipping out of Oahu. Just wondering if anyone can provide contacts for this service and pricing if possible? Any information would be appreciated.

Va'a World Championships

Way to go Hawaii Juniors in the recent distance V6 Va'a championships. Silver...all good. The race with so many international participants should let Olympic committees know that the sport should be recognized. It was good to see that there were standards set for the canoes so no canoe advantage. Maybe those same standards should be applied to future international races...and if adopted by the entire global paddling community.....even our Molokai Hoe. The future looks bright Interesting that Tahiti.

PAA summer shebang check in

Does anyone know where we check in for the short course is for the Summer Shebang? There is no information on time and place for the SUPs and OC1 part of the race. Help!

Gorge Downwind Champs OC-1 Entry

Sad to have to pass on this year's Gorge Downwind Champs - I have an OC-1 entry up for transfer. Please let me know if you are interested in taking my place, entries are closed. Please contact me - $175 OBO

Summer Shabang - Register by June 26 online

Summer Shabang!
June 26- last day to avoid late registration.
Entry form and payment must be completed online.

RATH 2017 Registration is LIVE

REGISTRATION is now live! Please register and pay as soon as possible so that we have race shirts, food, and boats for everyone. As always, we offer three different payment options based upon whether you need a boat, have your own, and if you will loan your canoe to others.

Links are available here as well as on the HVA facebook page. Please be sure to register using the correct link!

MAHALO, and see you all there!


Escort boats needed for May 28

We currently have more paddlers than escorts for the Maui Jim Molokai Challenge on May 28. If you have a boat or know someone who wants to escort, please contact LJ Benson with Escort Boats Hawaii at

2017 Molo Solo Share Thoughts

I meant to post earlier.

It appears this year's Molokai OC-1 Solo is going to be another exciting one.

Just noticed Kevin Ceran-Jerusalemy is on Maui and looks like racing Ares Pro model. I was wondering if he would return after getting DQ'd last year. The DQ is still up to debate for sure.

Patrick Dolan
Danny Ching
Travis Grant
Daniel Chun
Kainoa Tanoai
Kai Bartlet
Kahie Chong
Bobby Pratt
Keakua Nolan
Kekoa Kau

There are also a lot of young paddlers who will be pushing hard.

Did other Tahitians travel?

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