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Who is coming from Tahiti for channel?

Kauai Outrigger Fall Clinic

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Kauai Fall Clinic

Monday, Oct 29 – Friday, Nov 02 2018

This will be a great clinic to take to if you want to get a head start on the competition for the following year, or just want to improve your skills and paddle in warm blue water. We will help you with your stroke, wave catching, and do some training exercise as well as get you out doing some fun runs working with you so that you are catching waves as effectively as possible.

Molokai Hoe and Team Break Down


I am trying to figure out the names of the paddlers and nationalities of the top teams that raced in the Duke's Race. It looks to be an exciting lead up to Molokai Hoe


Hui Nalu-Oceania

Lanikai-I know local.

Also, is Red Bull going to be same crew from last year?

I know Shell Vaa will be hungry this year.


Best paddling PFD

Hey, I used to swim like a fish. Now, since my accident, I sink like a rock! Want to get back on my OC1. What’s the least restrictive/best paddling pfd to get?

Red Bull Vaa Molokai Video?

Red Bull Vaa had an 8 person documentary film crew travel to Big Island prior to Molokai Hoe and filmed the entire 2 days prior to and the Molokai Race. Does anyone have details on when the film or video will be released? Maybe it came out already and I missed it.


DVD, videos

Hey, I was in a snowboarding accident almost 3 yrs ago. Originally paralyzed on the right side. I used to race OC6, OC1, and V1. I now workout in my basement on a paddle erg. Slowly moving the right side. Have a TE Aito video to watch. Any recommendations for videos/DVD’s so I don’t go completely mad on the paddle erg. Thanks. I hope to get back on my OC1 this summer.

Hawaiki Nui Va'a 2017

Here is a link for GPS tracking live during the race :

California Outrigger Clinics

California Outrigger Clinics

Looking to get a leg up on the competition for the 2018 IVF VA’A World Sprint Championships or simply want to improve or learn Va’a ? Will Reichenstein can help. He’ll be running ongoing Va’a clinics as well as OC1 clinics starting this Fall 2017. The clinics and lessons run year round at North Star beach in Newport. Will can also provide private or group lessons that suit your schedule as well as travel to your club location to provide onsite seminars and paddle sessions.

Big Island downwind/OC1

I'll be on the Big Island starting 25th of October. Am hoping, wondering about getting hold of an OC1, getting in some training or maybe hooking up for a downwinder? Anyone have any ideas? Mahalo

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