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Powerboat, paddler decorum?

I was doing the run from DH buoy to Honolulu Harbor buoy the other day, about 15min for HH. A large commercial charter boat came up from port astern converging at about 25 degrees, where he then put his boat across my bow at about 60 yd. He had fishing lines and outriggers set, so I had to either alter course or stop until the the lines safely passed. He'd already seen me in the water, because his route circles around the area. Any thoughts?

Outrigger Zone-Kai Wa'a Kualoa Challenge update - course change

The OZone-Kai Wa'a Kualoa Challenge will START AND FINISH at Kualoa Beach Park on Saturday.

The wind is forecast to be very light from the south. Surf will probably subside by Saturday. We love to go around Mokapu Peninsula, but instead, surf pending, we'll run out around Kapapa Island, down the channel and inside the bay back to Kualoa. No car drops, just come to the country and plant for a while. Registration as usual from 7:00 - 9:00. with 10:00 start.

Short course will stay inside and go towards the Sand Bar and back.

Lost Makana Alii Paddle and OC-1 Seat

Lost a Makana Alii paddle and oc1 seat last night outside of Kaimanas. Makana Alii was an older paddle, buss up, no varnish on shaft. Seat is an older Pueo seat. Contact 808-seven five three six three five four

KIRA race: Kialoa to Kaimana race update for tomorrow

Race tomorrow is on schedule. Wind will be smoking with higher gusts. If you have any doubts in your ability, just don't go. Ask yourself, Are you capable of swimming to shore if something happened and nobody saw you? Leashes are mandatory, bright clothing is advisable and bring extra rope and/or rubber in case anything breaks out there. If you are in the back of the pack, stay on the inside. Pre-race safety meeting is mandatory.

Paa Website

Is anyone else having trouble getting on the PAA racing website? My computer says domain is expired.

Using mono for cables

Steel cable broke on me this evening and couldn't find my roll of backup, all I had was some 350-400lb mono from my speargun supplies. Any reason mono is a bad idea? Ok for temp. Replacement?

Pacific Paddler to call it quits

It's looking like Pacific Paddler is done. There will not be a February issue and for all who have a subscription with us I apologies. I started this magazine in 1996 with the thought that those who rely on the paddlers business would be eager to promote their business and would support us but that didn't quite work out, and now deep in the red I have to make a tough decision. A few business did believe in the value of our mission and they made it all happen.

Lost iakos in Hawaii Kai

Forgot a pair of Ehukai iakos on Monday at the Hawaii Kai small parking lot. Thanks.

Upcoming Kauai Outrigger Clinics

Aloha Paddlers, is putting on the following clinics:

1.Spring Break Clinic 2017 Monday 13March – Friday 17March 2017,

  1. Maui to Moloka’i (M2M) Prep Clinic Saturday 8April – Wednesday 12April 2017,
  2. Kauai World Challenge Solo Relay Prep 2017 Saturday 06May – Wednesday 10May 2017


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Southern California Winter races

Are there any Oc1 or surf ski races this year in Southern California? Looking at various websites but can't find any up to date calendars.

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