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Wind Map of the World

Saw this on Reddit today. Pretty cool,-157.302,6

Looking for (2) canoes for Pailolo

Our previous canoes fell through. Looking to secure two canoes for Pailolo. If there's a Na Wahine crew that needs their canoe(s) shipped over to Hale O Lono, we can work something out.


Escort boat available for Pailolo

If anyone is looking for an escort for Pailolo, please PM me. We have one reserved that we now are not going to use.

RATH 2016


Registration for RATH 2016 will go live next week. Remember to mark your calendar: September 10th for all the classic RATH races and fun. PLUS a second optional marathon event on Sunday September 11th.

Sponsors already committed to this year's event include:

‘Oiwi, Kamanu Composites, We Go! Island Canoe, and Kia Kaha

with more to on the way!

states predictions

so whats everyones predictions for States? open women/men, masters, 4's, etc...

Outrigger in Venice Italy?

Any clubs there. Going for a couple days and would love to jump in a boat! Can sit any seat.

Choosing the right sized blade

I know there's no one size fits all but would like to know about the general strategy of paddlers with choosing paddle blade sizes. I currently use a Viper Va'a FSN double bend with a 9.65" blade and feels like it might be too big for an OC-1. I get a lot more resistance per stroke which is great but finding it hard to keep up an aggressive spm. Do most paddlers with the larger Viper blade (or any other larger type of blades) use it for OC-6 with a smaller blade for OC-1? Curious what the thoughts are on this topic. Apologies if this has been posted.

Lost paddle in... Cuba!

If someone lost his paddle 20 years ago between Florida an Cuba...
Strange discovery while sharing fisherman family diner in Puerto Esperanza.
I'm so curious to know the story behind this paddle !

Outriggers in Israel?

I'm planning to be in Haifa, Israel for about a month, from mid July to mid August. Does anyone know if there are any outrigger canoes or clubs anywhere in Israel?


Dan Liebert

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