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10th Anniversary Gorge Outrigger Races in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, Stevenson, Washington

Jul 14 2006 11:00 am
Event Description: 

10th Anniversary of the Northwest's Premier Outrigger Race - The Gorge Outrigger Races
Friday there will be a grass roots unofficial 5 mile downwind run for folks who can show up early.

10th Anniversary Gorge Outrigger OC-6 Races

Jul 15 2006 10:00 am
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OC-6 Event for the 10th Annivesary Gorge Outrigger Races, followed by awards, skits, camping, food, friends and fun!

Feb 28 - PNWORA Small boat race results, WA

2/28/2004, Ridgefield Wa
Race Organizer: Kevin Cowan
Conditions: High water levels, little current, sunny

Jan 31 - Jericho/PNWORCA OC1 Race, Vancouver BC

Categories Results - Alan Goto still leads the Men's Open with 9 pts., Paul McNamara takes the lead in the Men's Master's division with 7 pts., Brian Boatman leads the Senior Master's Division
Overall Results - Brian Boatman leads with 8 points, Calvin Chow is in 2nd with 5 pts, and Alan Goto & Shane Martin share the 3rd place spot

Jan 17 - PNW Race 1 Results - Lake Union, WA

Brian Boatman wins 6 mile race to the Locks and back.
Location: SOCC Beach:north end of Lake Union next to Dunato's Boat Yard

July 19-20 - Gorge Outrigger Race Results - Stevenson, Washington

put on by Skamania Kayak & Canoe Club
Saturday 9 mile OC-6 race
Sunday 5.5 mile OC-1/2 race

April 12 - Pacific North West Championship - Seattle, Washington

The PNW-ORCA OC1 & OC2 2003 Winter Series last race ran today: 7 miles on Lake Union & Lake Washington.
[Photos] taken by Mari Anuhea
Upadate:[Read more for Results]

Mar 29 - PNW-ORCA Race 6 - Vancouver, Washington

The Skamania Kayak & Canoe race held on Saturday.
***John Mooney wins oc1 open mens
***Lori Jorgenson wins oc1 open womens
[Read more for results]

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