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G'day Paddlers

The month of April is big here in
Australia for OC6 racing. On April 10/11th we are holding the Australian Marathon Titles at Mooloolaba OCC. This is a 6person Iron race of around 12-14 miles(16-20km). There is also a short course division.
Men and women race separately. The second day is made up of OC12 and mixed races. The course is held in the open ocean.
The next Saturday, 17 April, is the GOLD COAST CUP, a 43 km change-over race, held by Northcliffe OCC.

Looking for a used OC6

I have some friends looking to start another outrigger canoe club in Hong Kong. They are looking for a second hand OC6 in good condition. If you have one, please text or phone me at +61433039633.

Peter Austin.

Kaua'i World Challenge.

The 2009 Kaua'i World Challenge OC1/OC2, Ski relay race is on 11th April. The Clarkie family is booked in and counting down the months to our first Hawaii experience.

Aloha fellow paddlers from down under

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know, episode 2 of ocean paddler is now on line for you to watch.


Please note, the on line show will always be a month behind what is on TV. This episode has alot of OC-1 stuff. ENJOY! Please send me your feedback.

Ocean Paddler TV

Hamilton Island 2008

Can anyone hook me up with some info on the best cheapest options on Hamilton Island to stay as well as send me in the right direction on getting an OC 1 on loan for the race ....In return I can lend my boat on oahu for a race and put a person up as a fellow paddler...i would really like to share lodging in order to make some new friends downunder during the three days...cheers eddie

in Sydney in Sept

I'm going to be at the dragonboat races in mid sept.
I'm going to stay a few extra days and was wondering if there might be a chance to paddle an outrigger during this time...
Any suggestions or leads?

Hamilton Cup

May 31 2007 11:35 am
Jun 3 2007 11:35 am
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Hamilton Cup

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