Pueo First Gen extended footwell, second gen ama

Item Description: 

Pueo first gen extended foot wells and second gen AMA. White with blue accents. Good condition. Water tight. $3200. Call Rob 778-6255.

Contact Info: 

Call Rob 778-6255.

Gen 1 Pueo - $3200

Item Description: 

Selling gen 1 Pueo. Has some minor scratches here and there and one ding on the tail. The boat and ama are water tight. Does not come with a seat. Text or email for pics, I can't upload them here with my phone.

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message. Or text 808-223-9345


Scott Hawaii State Championship Results

Scott Hawaii State Championship - April 08, 2017. Makai Pier to Magic Isle.

Overall Place Div Place FIRST NAME LAST NAME Overall Time SEX Age FIRST NAME2 LAST NAME2 Craft DIV
1 1 Pat Dolan 2:16:31 M 28 OC-1 M19-29
2 2 Kainoa Tanoai 2:19:42 M 22 OC-1 M19-29
3 1 Daniel Chun 2:20:12 M 30 OC-1 M30-39
4 2 Keakua Nolan 2:21:07 M 34 OC-1 M30-39
5 3 Travis Grant 2:23:07 M 31 OC-1 M30-39
6 1 Kai Bartlett 2:23:30 M 41 OC-1 M40-49
7 4 Jimmy Austin 2:23:58 M 37 OC-1 M30-39
8 3 Kaihe Chong 2:24:16 M 27 OC-1 M19-29


Sunday March 26, 2017. Makai Pier to Kaimana

SUP 14 and under - Maui Jim Waterman event
1 Travis Grant 1:05:48 SUP14' M 31 SUP14'
2 Riggs Napoleon 1:09:14 SUP14' M 19 SUP14'
3 Kaihe Chong 1:10:40 SUP14' M 27 SUP14'
4 Jim Foti 1:17:07 SUP14' M 50 SUP14'
5 J Stepens 1:19:52 SUP14' M 49 SUP14'
6 Jeff Chang 1:20:11 SUP14' M 60 SUP14'

Allstate Oahu Championship date and location change due to high surf. Read more...

The Allstate Oahu Championship has been moved to Sunday March 26th due to high surf on the north shore expected on Saturday the 25th. The new course will be:
Long: Makai Pier to Kaimana Beach
Short/SUP/Prone: Hawaii Kai to Kaimana Beach.

The wind is currently forecasted to be 20 - 25 straight east. So really, doesn't get much better than that. Other than a rising tide, which it isn't.

Other details check the website: www.kanakaikaika.com


Aloha Gas Race - Hawaii Kai to Magic Island
Island Air Ocean Racing Series Race #6
Maui Jim Waterman craft of the day: OC-1

Overall Place Craft Place Age Place FIRST NAME LAST NAME FIRST NAME2 LAST NAME2 Overall Time Craft AGE DIV SEX Age
1 1 1 Borys Markin 1:16:55 SS-1 M19-39 M 37
2 1 1 Travis Grant 1:18:54 OC-1 M30-39 M 33
3 2 2 Brady Piercy 1:19:07 SS-1 M19-39 M 38
4 2 1 Kaihe Chong 1:19:26 OC-1 M19-29 M 26
5 3 2 Jimmy Austin 1:19:44 OC-1 M30-39 M 36

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge. All craft. KIRA #10. $18,000 purse. Sun. May 28

May 28 2017 7:30 am
Event Description: 

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge
Part of the Maui Jim Ocean Racing Series (MaJORS)


Course: Molokai to Oahu. From Kaluakoi Beach on the west end of Molokai to Maunalua Beach Park in Hawaii Kai on Oahu. 32 miles (53 km) across the Kaiwi channel.
Date: Sunday May 28, 2017
$18,000.00 PURSE

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge DIVISIONS:
SOLO and RELAY: Relay is one division only, but can have 2 or 3 person teams for single seated crafts and 3 – 6 person teams for double seated crafts. There is not a different division for varying number of team members.
Craft Divisions: Surfski-1, Surfski-2, Prone Paddleboard, SUP, V-1, OC-1, OC-2.
• Surfski-1, OC-1:
• Solo – Male and Female:
? Junior (18 and under), 19 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50 – 56, 57 – 63, 64+
? HAWAII RESIDENT: There will be a division and award for the top SS-1 Hawaii resident paddler
• Relay: 2 or 3 paddlers per team.
? Male and Female: Open = 1st–3rd, Juniors, 19-50, 50+.
? Mixed: Open
• V-1:
? Solo – Male and Female: Open
? Relay – Open (Male, Female or Mixed)
• Surfski-2, OC-2:
• Solo
? Male and Female: Open
? Mixed: Open
• Relay: 3 - 6 paddlers per team.
? Male and Female: Junior, Open.
? Mixed: Open
• SUP:
• Solo – Male and Female
? Unlimited – Any board size: Open
• Relay: 2 or 3 person teams: Male, Female and Mixed.
? Unlimited: Open
• Prone:
• Solo – Male and Female
? Unlimited: Open
• Relay: 2 or 3 person teams: Male, Female and Mixed
? Unlimited: Open


o Mixed divisions can have only 1 male paddler per single seat craft relay teams and only 2 male paddlers per double seat craft relay teams.
o Relay teams cannot switch crafts every change. Substitute craft(s) allowed only once per race.
o OC-1 and Surfski solo: Top 5 will be recognized as open with age group beginning with 6th place.
o SUP and Prone solo: If there is a resounding amount of entries, we’ll open up age group divisions, with top 3 overall being recognized as open, and age groups per board division beginning at 4th place.
o All relay teams are entered in the age group of the youngest team member. Hence, youngest paddler determines your category.
o Relay teams in all disciplines will default top 3 to open with age group placing starting with 4th place.
o There will be 3 starting times to send slower crafts and paddlers earlier. There will be a time cut off, so if you are slow and you want to finish the race, you should start in one of the first two starts. It is mandatory to start at the time for which you registered!
o Prize money is limited only to Surfski and OC-1

Start Times: Early start times are mandatory for slower crafts and recommended for paddlers who know they will be slow. YOU MUST START AT THE TIME FOR WHICH YOU REGISTERED!
Start #1: 7:45 am SUP and Prone mandatory start. And self-proclaimed slow paddlers.
Start #2: 8:30 am Female OC-1 and Surfski, slower/intermediate Male OC-1 and Surfski
Start #3: 9:00 am Elite Male OC-1 and Surfski
Course Closes at 3:30 pm. If you are not at Portlock Point by 3:30 pm, you must pack your craft on your escort and ride in. If you continue paddling without authorization by the officials you will be disqualified. This is a safety precaution as we need to be certain all persons are safely accounted for on Oahu well before dark in the event of an emergency.

Registration options:
1. Forms can be downloaded and mailed with a check to:
Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association
PO Box 342152, Kailua, HI 96734.
Please visit www.kanakaikaika.com for registration and waiver form.
2. You can register online at https://raceroster.com/series/2017/11384/maui-jim-ocean-racing-series.
Entry Fee:
Solo entries
Before April 23: $230.00 per adult paddler $115.00 per junior (18 and under). Contact Kanaka Ikaika for junior discount code
From April 24–May 14: $275.00 per adult paddler $160.00 per junior (18 and under)
Relay entries
Before April 23: $200.00 per adult paddler $100.00 per junior (18 and under). Contact Kanaka Ikaika for junior discount code
From April 24–May 14: $245.00 per adult paddler $145.00 per junior (18 and under)

May 16: Registration Closed
Entry fee includes an event shirt, Scott Hawaii slippers, a meal ticket for the awards banquet after the race, raffle ticket to win great prizes and more.
POST RACE AWARDS BANQUET: Additional banquet meal tickets can be purchased for $42.00 with your registration. Extra meal tickets must be purchased in advance. You cannot purchase meal tickets the night of the banquet.
Prize Money. $18,000.00

Visit http://www.kanakaikaika.com/maui-jim-molokai-challenge-2017/ for more information on the race.

Maui Jim Oahu Coastal Relay. KIRA #9. $4,000 purse. Sun. May 21

May 21 2017 9:30 am
Event Description: 

Maui Jim Coastal Relay - Sunday May 21, 2017
Part of the Maui Jim Ocean Racing Series (MaJORS)

• 7:00-8:00 a.m. Registration at Kailua Beach Park.
• 9:30 a.m. Long Course start for Male 19-39 and 40–54
• 9:00 a.m. Long Course start for all other divisions
• 10:30 a.m. Short Course start
• Pre-registration online cost per paddler: $40.00 ($420.00 for OC-6 teams and $210.00 for OC-3 teams) at


until midnight on Friday May 19th.
• Late registration per paddler: $50.00 ($540.00 for OC-6 and $270.00 for OC-3)
Lunch and awards immediately following in Kapiolani Park.

Divisions & Crafts
Age division is based on the youngest member of team:
• Long Course:
o OC-1(or V-1) and Surfski, (2 or 4 person relay division),
o OC-2 and SS-2 (4 or 8 person relay division),
o OC-6 (12 persons),
o OC-3 (6 persons).
• Short Course:
o OC-1(or V-1)
o Surfski,
o SUP (open board class),
o Prone (open board class),
o OC-2 and SS-2,
o OC-6 (12 persons)
o OC-3 (6 persons).
• Categories for OC-1/V-1, Surfski-1, SUP and Prone:
o Male: Open (top 3), Junior (18 and under), 19-39, 40-54, 55-64, 65+
o Female: Open (top 3), 44 and under, 45 and older
o Mixed: Open
• Categories for OC-6, OC-3, OC-2 and Surfski-2
o Male, female and mixed: No age groups. Open division only

$4,000.00 Cash Purse:
Cash purse is for small crafts (excluding OC-3 and OC-6). There must be 5 teams per category to qualify for the purse. If there are not 5 in your category (or age group) you will bump into the younger division to be eligible for the purse. Distribution will be finalized based on participation, so encourage your friends to compete!

• Long Course: Kailua Bay to Kaimana Beach (course is broken into four legs)
• Short Course: Makapuu to Kaimana Beach (course is broken into two legs)
Leg 1 (Long Course):
o Male 19-39 and 40-54: The start will be at Kailua Beach and will go out around Bird Island, to the Mokulua Isles. and then to Sandbags in Lanikai - 6 miles.
o All other divisions will start deep in Kailua bay and go around Flat Island to the transition point at Sandbags in Lanikai - 4 miles.
Leg 2 (Long Course):
o Male 19-39 and 40-54: From Sandbags in Lanikai, split the Mokulua Islands to Makai Pier (AROUND THE JETTY)- 7 miles
o All other divisions will go straight through Waimanalo Bay (6 miles)
Leg 3 (Start of Short Course): Maikai Pier to Hawaii Kai Bath House - 9.5 miles
Leg 4: From Hawaii Kai Bath House to Kaimana beach (AROUND BLINKER BUOY) 8.5 miles.

Visit www.kanakaikaika.com for more information

Scott Hawaii State Championship. KIRA #8. Makai Pier to Magic Isle. Sat. April 08

Apr 8 2017 9:30 am
Event Description: 

• COURSE: Long: Makai Pier, AROUND Black Rock, AROUND Diamond Head Buoy to Magic Isle. – 20 miles
Short: Hawaii Kai, AROUND Diamond Head Buoy to Magic Isle. – 12.5 miles

1st place short course OC-1 male 64+ and female 40+ will win a free Kialoa paddle in the Kialoa Competition!

PRE REGISTRATION ONLINE at http://www.flpregister.com.
o Entry is $40.00 per person if you pre-register before midnight on Thursday April 06.
o Race day/late registration fee will be $50.00 per person.
o OC-3 cost is $120.00 per crew with pre-registration.
o OC-6 cost is $240.00 per crew with pre-registration.
o JUNIORS (18 and under) are $20.00 with pre-registration. Late registration fee is $30.00.

• RACE MORNING CHECK IN AND LATE REGISTRATION: at Hawaii Kai from 6:30 – 8:30 am. Late Registration race morning is $10.00 more per person and there is no guarantee for a race shirt so register early.
• *DIVISIONS: OC-6, OC-3, OC-2, OC-1, Surfski, SS-2, SUP, Prone paddleboard, V-1
DATE & START TIMES: Saturday April 08, 2017
• Long: 9:45 a.m.
• Short, Prone and SUP: 10:00 a.m.
• 5 minute penalty for false start
ENTRY FEE INCLUDES event T-shirt, Scott Hawaii Slippers, entry and lunch at the HAWAII OCEAN EXPO (HOE), raffle ticket for great prizes from your sponsors and more.
• The after party and awards ceremony will be at the BLAISDELL EXHIBITION HALL. All participants will receive free entry for themselves and a guest. Children under 12 free.
VISIT WWW.KANAKAIKAIKA.COM for more information.

Kaiwi Relay - March 14 last day for early entry fee

Kaiwi Relay - Molokai to Oahu
Saturday April 22, 2017

March 14, Tuesday - Last day to register for $100 off entry fee!

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