Vantage oc1 ama

Does anyone know where I can buy a new or used ama for original model Vantage OC1 made by Steve Blyth?

Outrigger Connection FUZE replacement seat

I am looking for a replacement seat for my Fuze OC1 made by Outrigger Connection. As they are no longer around, hoping someone may have extra seat or know of way to have one made
?? Thanks so much !

Best way to secure OC1 for long (14 hour) drive?

Hi everyone,
3 years after moving from Maui to Wyoming, I'm at last getting another OC1.

Since Maui was short driving distances, and I had cradles on my Jeep - I'm curious if this is the best method for long distances and higher speeds.

I now have a Subaru Impreza, with factory cross bars.....just wondering if hull up, or hull down (in cradles), is the best option.
I'll be driving from San Francisco to Wyoming (about 14 hours).

Mahalo for any advice!

Wanted OC4 or OC6 for new club

Item Description: 

Starting a new club and in need of a 4man and 6man OC. Can be located anywhere in the US from coast to coast (even if repairs are needed). If anyone has an OC4 or OC6 available, please let me know. Mahalo nui

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message.

Any Sense Raising OC-1 Seat to Accomodate Long Legs?

Having a large and weirdly-proportioned body, I never expect anything to fit out-of-the-box unless built custom, and the used OC-1 sailing canoe I just took delivery on did not disappoint in that respect.

I moved the pedals forward about 1.5" and the seat back an inch - and that made things tolerable.

But now it has dawned on me that maybe elevating the seat might help too.

Putting a 1" pad under the seat seems to have raised my hips relative to the knees as expected and, as soon as the water around here is no longer hard, I expect to find out if it's good for anything.

Older 6 man canoes wanted

Item Description: 

2 older Hawaiian class racer or Bradley racers wanted for kids double hulll camp program in Tahoe . If you have some tired canoes that need love and a new purpose please call or text ,Tom @ (530)545-3050 Mahalo nui ...

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message. Tom (530)545-3050


Item Description: 

Matched set of Huki's OC1 and OC2 would like to sell together OC1 is double Carbon with a layer of vacuumed glass in bow for rocky beachs. Both Canoe have all the upgrades sliding seats storage hatch's extra bungees stubble Iakos for traveling kelp guards weed rudders and custom paint matching both canoes. These canoes are in great shape water tight . A few small dents from loading

Contact Info: 

Bruce at Edge To Edge Outriggers. Cell is 310-502-0185 or 928-453-3673



Any thoughts on the fastest flat water canoe. OC1

Naia For Sale or Trade (see below)

Item Description: 

My Naia is safely stored away at my friend's house in Utah. I am on Kauai. That's not very convenient, is it? Still planning to go back to the mainland, but, for now, I am putting out feelers to see if there is either (1) someone who wants to make an offer on it and go put it on the water where it is suppose to be; and/or (2) Someone on Kauai who has to sell their OC-1 because they are moving to the mainland, and want to consider trading it. I purchased used in October 2013, paddled it twice in the Texas winter (because, can, some days), and then came back to Hawaii in May 2014. Good condition.

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Send me a private message.

Wanted: Hurricane Iakus

Item Description: 

Ever wonder what you would do with those old Hurricane iakus? Well, I want to buy them. Looking for a replacement set of Hurricane iakus, the type that pivot into the hull.

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message or contact me at +1-617-669-6255

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